Non-Thermal Radio Emission from Late B and Early A-type Magnetically Peculiar Stars

Stevens, I. R., & George, S. J. 2010, High Energy Phenomena in Massive Stars ASP Conference Series, 422, 135S – paper

The Magnetic Chemically Peculiar star CU Virginis (A0Vp) has shown unusual variations in its rotational period and has also recently been discovered to be radio variable, showing two short period bursts of emission per (0.52 days) rotation period. These bursts have been attributed to electron cyclotron maser emission from the magnetic poles of the star. We present new low-frequency radio observations of CU Virginis taken with the Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope at 610 MHz and 1.2 GHz. We discuss our results and their implications for the the origin of the radio emission from CU Virginis and our general understanding of the magnetosphere and the particle acceleration processes in the stellar magnetosphere. We discuss possible relationships with other high energy phenomena in massive stars.

Ultra Steep Spectrum (USS) source paper

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