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The Beagle Has Landed or maybe not

Well it looks like Beagle 2 may have been lost, 6 attempts from NASA’s
Mars Odyssey orbiter have revealed no communications, however what it
has found it a crater, 1 km wide just in the landing zone of Beagle 2.
If Beagle 2 has landed there then I think it is time to say bye bye to
yet another spacecraft going to Mars. At least we have ignorance on our
side, a 1 km wide crater is just too small to have been noticed until
the recent high resolution images have been taken by Odyssey.


Credit: Malin Space Science Systems

Mars is a plagued planet for our probes, I can’t believe people are speculating
about sending people there when we can not even land a toy car!

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My New Blog

Welcome to my Blog, this is going to replace my diary section on my website.

I am not sure how I am going to merge the two togther but from now onwards
the front page of my site will no longer be updated in the same manner.

I am intending to update this as much as possible but we will have to