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And so the fight back begins

The fight back has begun, I thought it might – we want to save



I am quoted!

Yeah! 🙂 Well the other day I was interviewed over the phone
by a representative of the Institute of Physics (IoP),
I am their representative from my Uni. They were asking me questions about
tuition fees and their new proposed£1,000 a year grant to help students
going into physics!


Extrasolar Planets and Mars

Seeing as I am doing a project
on extra solar planets and it started today how cool is it that a planet
with a magnetic field may have been found yesterday!

for more info.

Credit: Shane Erno

Also I have seen some fantastic results from ESA’s Mars
Express, lets hope it can put the American’s to shame (gonna be hard to
after Beagle 2).


Credit: ESA/DLR/FU Berlin (G. Neukum)

Carina Nebula

The Carina Nebula (NGC 3372,
also known as the ‘Keyhole Nebula’) has recently been observed via the
Hubble Space Telescope and has revelead some mysterious details that indicate
a complex structure within this Nebula.

for more information.

In search of the occult!

Well all I can say is that I had fun last
night! As I predicted at 3am just before the event occurred the sky was
filled with cloud! Argh. It wasn’t all bad because at just before 2am
we did actually see (we believe we did) Porrima disappear behind the Moon.
We then whilst waiting looked at Jupiter and Saturn which like always
was brilliant and I even saw a meteor! The meteor fell through Cancer
and was blue in colouration and lasted about 2 seconds.

Being up so late has left me feeling exhausted today but I still had
enough energy to go and see "The Last Samurai" starring Tom
Cruise which was surprisingly good.

Time to go occultation hunting

Tonight Porrima (Gamma Virginis – ZC 1821)
passes behind the Moon and then reappears later on. So I have decided
with a friend of mine to see if we can get it. This is going to take some
good work with the telescope but we should and if we don’t (which I doubt)
it will still be good fun.

If anyone would like anymore information on this then please just ask
and more information on Lunar Occultation’s can be found at:

First Day Back

Back to Uni, yes something real to do! Well
I always have things to do but it is nice to get out and about doing things.
It was nice to see all my mates that I have not seen over the holiday.

I started off the day with a nine o’clock lecture on the structure and
evolution of galaxies, it sounds great however this course clashes with
another one I want to take, Radiation and Relativity, so I am unsure witch
to do. Saying that I can actually do the Galaxies course next year (with
some extra material) and if I want to do General Relativity next year
I have to do the Radiation one. So the answer is simple, just do the Radiation
one, problem is I have not done any detailed maths in a year or so and
am a little afraid that I will be left behind. Well it is my first lecture
of this tomorrow so I will give it a go and see how it is and then decide.

Did some more lab today not making much progress, like always.

I have also had a play around with Starry Night Pro Plus, its great!
Lots of brilliant features. I really love being able to download actually
images into it.