In search of the occult!

Well all I can say is that I had fun last
night! As I predicted at 3am just before the event occurred the sky was
filled with cloud! Argh. It wasn’t all bad because at just before 2am
we did actually see (we believe we did) Porrima disappear behind the Moon.
We then whilst waiting looked at Jupiter and Saturn which like always
was brilliant and I even saw a meteor! The meteor fell through Cancer
and was blue in colouration and lasted about 2 seconds.

Being up so late has left me feeling exhausted today but I still had
enough energy to go and see "The Last Samurai" starring Tom
Cruise which was surprisingly good.


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  1. Blog says :

    Lab, Lectures and Astrosoc

    Yet another Thursday, this one started with 3 hours of lectures. All were good, surprisingly! I am enjoying my Interstellar Medium course the most at the moment, which I am surprised about as this was the option I decided…

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