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Brownies and the Uni observatory

Last night I went along with
Eleanor, Steve and Barry to the Uni observatory to show a group of Brownies
around. The weather was not great, it was not bad, but not the best. We
also could not get the main camera to work but well the Brownies did not
seem to mind. We used Eleanor’s telescope to show them a few objects in
the sky such as Saturn. We also showed them a few constellations around
the sky which they all enjoyed.

It was good to be back at the observatory and was lots
of fun. Was shattered when I got home though!

Me and Steve looking confused!

The brilliant telescope:

Pac Man Nebula!

Something about this makes
me laugh! <insert Pac Man eating noise>


By Peter Carson.

NGC 281 "the Pac Man nebula" in Cassiopeia
RA 0h52m Dec +56d38m

A 30 minute exposure on Kodak Elitechrome 200 film, at
the f5.4 prime focus of a 100mm Televue refractor, autoguided using an
ST4, on a G11 Losmandy mount. The photograph was taken in late last year.

The slide was scanned and slightly contrast stretched
with Adobe Photoshop. North is to the left of the image.

More pictures!

Last night (and tonight,
but haven’t put them online yet) I went observing and managed to get,
with the help of my friend Eleanor (in fact she did the hard work) some
quite interesting images of the Moon.

For more see

Hopefully we can only get better and better with the pictures.

On another note I have had a nightmare of a day with my
Uni work, I spent 6hours on the questions today! Think I did them ok,
but took way too long – am shattered!

Fun with Linux

I decided yesterday that I should put Linux
on my desktop computer so I can dual boot it with Windows. That’s when
everything decided to start going wrong. I didn’t anticipate any problems
as I already dual boot between Mandrake
Linux 9.2
and Microsoft Windows
already and so thought this would not be a problem. Guess what
it was. Long story short for some reason after the Boot loader had worked
and I had been in both operating systems it decided to stop working. After
5 reinstallations of Linux and a few restore the windows boot loader attempts
I managed to edit one of the files and got it to work, fun!

Apart from that unexpectedd fun, it is good to have Linux on my PC, makes
some of my Uni work much easier – but I will not get rid of Window, it
is too useful. It is simple, well not that simple – it seems it as I know
the insides and out on how to do things quite well now and I can not play
any games in Linux, until I get WINE to work.

On the subject of Linux vs Windows I have come across some good cartoons:

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