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That’s enough ISM!

Ok I have now had enough
of ISM (Interstellar Medium) for one week! Will do more tomorrow, but
now I am off to watch the England game and then on to Snobs!
Should be a good night, all I know is I will not be getting up at 7am
to do revision tomorrow 🙂

Wonderful picture of the Moon

I received a wonderful picture
in my inbox last night. It was a picture of the Moon taken by my friend
Eleanor and her 5" Newtonian Telescope, wow it came out well.

The Moon by Eleanor

Some of the Lunar seas can be seen well. I am not the
best with these but I think they are the following: Mare Serenitatis,
Mare Crisium, Mare Tranquillitatis, Mare Nectaris, Mare Fecunditatis in
order from top to bottom.

I big well done to Eleanor and her steady hands as now
T mount was used! 🙂

A walk around Selly Oak

Well not really around Selly Oak to the University playing fields, the shop and back home. The reason for this was for me to take a few pictures. One in particular came to mind the entrance to the University from Selly Oak. Now you would have thought of a nice grand entrance but no it is like a bomb site. This is probably the worst part of the whole campus – well it is actually outside but gives a bad impression. However because of this it can make it photogenic and over time I have taken quite a few pictures of this.

Uni Entrance

Outside Uni, the entrance is to the right of the picture. Also by this is the remains of a failed Guild election campaign:

Kobby 4 Prez

I have been meaning to take a picture of this for a few weeks but only got around to it today. It seems that during the campaign, I think on the first night, someone decided to remove this from where it was a dump it in the stream. Great! I wonder how long it will stay there – probably a very long time as it is in a really bad position access wise to remove it. Oh by the way this Kobby did not get in, for the best as his stance was not the best.

Another group photo!

Ok this is a few weeks ago, but I just had to post it the spirit of dodgy group photos! Here we are at Astrosoc:


In the picture you will see Eleanor’s nice Newtonian reflector in the foreground with me standing next to it, not sure what I am doing. You may also notice that we have the electronic eyepiece connected. This picture was taken by a Mark Rowan. Is it me or does the bloke in the back, my good friend Matt, look like a Fundamentalist! Not only does he have the beard (which has now cut off – by accident I believe) but the pose with the chin forward 🙂 .

A new look for

I decided today after looking
at the work I did on
that I could and needed to spruce up the look of
This was partly pushed on me as I decided to get a PHP
script that would open up the most recent blog entries on my homepage
so that my homepage does not look static. The PHP
script is just an RDF parser, it
reads in my blog XML feed
and puts this into my index.php file. Yes my site has now got its first
.php page (apart from those on the forum).

I decided to keep the site the same colours with the
same background as I think that is brilliant. I recently was very pleased
with my logo on the Forum:

so decided that I had to do some thing similar for the
new design. I only did this after I decided to put the blue boxes around
everything and the old banner just did not fit in. This is the new banner:

Yes the site has a new face, I hope you all like this
one as much as the old one. I know I do.

Annual Dinner is over – lots of fun!

What a night! It went really well – I think. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves which is great. I gave a substandard speech but everyone seemed to find it humorous and not boring. The far better speech (well talk) was given by Dr Somak Raychaudhury, our guest speaker. As always he gave us a fantastic speech talking about his first experiences in Astronomy which eventually led him on to talking about the IGNOBLE prizes which are like the nobel prizes but for the worst research!

Alas I did not manage to get a photo of myself – well it would be hard it I did. I know other people have so I will have to grab them off them later (so I can shut my mom up who wants a picture of me in my dinner jacket etc!) For now here is a group photo, in which yet again I am at the back and you can hardly see me, argh!

Annual Dinner Group

Astrosoc Annual Dinner Preparations!

Argh! I’m busy – well not
that busy – decided to take a break to write on here!

It is the Astrosoc Annual Dinner tonight – I have everything
prepared, my shirt is ironed, my speech is done (sort of!) and all I have
to do now is get changed. Getting changed is quite hard – how the heck
do you do this bow tie – I’m sure I will figure this out in the next five
minutes though.

This is a joyful occasion however I moment should be
spent thinking about all the families who lost loved ones today after
the bombings in Madrid. Somber thoughts but sometimes necessary to remind
us that the world we live in is not safe and so we should be ever vigilant
and never underestimate the power of a lunatic or a group of lunatics.

For more info see:

Moving on though you should also not dwell on the point
otherwise you will become a paranoid person and walk around with Aluminium
foil on your head!