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More on those shocking images

If you want to see the video footage from the BBC see:

Tony Blair has also announced condemnation of the acts
good now tell the Americans how they should act – i.e. the Geneva convention.
I hope these soldiers now get put in prison themselves – it is no longer
an excuse to follow orders.

Outrageous actions

Well yet again I am appalled by what people can actually
do to each other in the quest for what some sick people seem fun. This
time, well I bet many times before as well, it is the United States
of America’s soldiers. I just don’t know what they think they are doing!
And who in their right mind would do this and then take a picture of
themselves doing it! At least show some level of intelligence, but I
guess they are American soldiers so I think their level of intellect
can not be too high.

If you haven’t seen the images, here is one (probably
the least disturbing):

Idiotic American

For more info and some more of these outrageous images

Mail on Sunday Interview

I just got interviewed by a journalist from the Mail
on Sunday
for an article about student finance and in particular
the IoP’s (Institute of Physics) bursary
scheme. Hopefully it will get in this week.

Time is running out

Well it has stopped for the Old Joe, the Clock tower central to the University of Birmingham Campus. I don’t know why it has stopped but I would guess that it is just a mechanical failure. I know a few years ago that some research was done with it but I do doubt that this would be of any research purpose, it is just weird to see it not on.Here is a picture I took last summer of the clock tower:

Old Joe with tree

I noticed that the clock wasn’t changing on my way to Astrosoc to go observing, however since it was cloudy I was not expecting a huge turnout – in fact got 3 people (including myself) along so not a busy night. In the end we ended up going for a drink in Joes which was fun. Now time to get back to the revision – great!

Scavenging and revising

Today started off with me getting up and doing some
Astrophysics of the Sun and that is how it ended! Then there is the
middle bit, I got some work done – not enough but some. I also went
into Uni so I could go scavenging around the now empty Nuffield building
in which we are now allowed to go in and help ourselves!! I came out
with quite a few lever arch files, some random books (including one
in Russian) and some cables! Great fun. It is a shame though that all
of this stuff is just going to be thrown away – I guess quite a lot
of the useful stuff will be claimed though.

I was also helping my friend Sarah with some html work
she needs to do on Quantum Error Correction (boring theory stuff 😉 ) and
as we were searching for images to use we came across this:

Quantum Processor?

Now this is quite funny, I wonder if anyone has tried
to contac the guy who owns the site to buy any of the objects, such
other ones include: Duracell Ultra 6 Joule Time Transducucion Capacitor
(TTC), Dimensional Warp Generator, 120 kilowatt portable fusion generator:

20 kilowatt portable fusion generator or a computer fan?

20 kilowatt portable fusion generator or my computer
fan, well it looks identical to the later!

The site this stuff came from is:
, a good but strange site!

Sunshine in the morning!

I have to say I am really looking forward to seeing Ash
at Reading and maybe before
at the Birmingham Carling
, not sure if I will go yet – need to check the old bank

There latest offering Orpheus is fantastic and after
hearing them on the Radio in N. Ireland the other I
am well eager to see them play live.

Ash at home

Also at that gig: Franz
almost missed their biggest ever gig when their guitars
were left in an airport in Paris. But Ash
came to the rescue and lent them some instruments. The rising Scottish
stars show was one of the highlights of the day. – according to NME.

Iraqi Collation Provisional Authority

I came across the webpage concerning the provisional authority
in Iraq today (in English:
Now this is a strange website, for many reason – mainly since it appears
to be a USA governmental site more than just a coalition page, for example
at the bottom of the page it has links to FirstGov
and the USA FreedomCorps
etc. Some of the stories on the site just seem to be total proganda
– well spin, it is quite amusing.

Another interesting thing I found on the coalition
page when you click on the in Arabic page (
it still had the title Coalition Provisional Authority stamped on the
top in English!! Now then who would need that? Or is it an attempt so
that Americans who click on that don’t get all scared that they are
reading the evil arabic or something!! I have to say I love arabic writing,
it is so flowed and beautiful – a shame I had a real problem with it
after the very basic stuff. Here is the offending banner, just look
at the beautiful arabic though:

Coalition Banner

Blair is slammed by British Diplomats!


Now it is about time someone stood up to Tony Blair
and tell him that enough is enough of kissing George Bush’s ass on the
middle east. It is time that the UN not the USA take the lead in world
events. For once the USA should listen to the rest of the world and
it appears at the moment Tony Blair has the ear of George Bush. So Tony
my message to you is, SHOUT DOWN IT! If you even need to dress up as
a WASP and well you might get your message through (2DTV
– a British comedy).

George Bush on 2DTV

Revision Lectures

Today I have gone through a range of emotions and it has
felt me feeling tired and hot – damn weather! I actually am one of what
most people would say strange people who hate the warm weather.

The revision lectures were as always useful in the content
and in making me scared.

My day in emotions:

Tired, Awake, Motivated, Bored, Excited, Motivated, Pleased,
Hot, Pleased, Scared, Bored, Hot, Relaxed, Pleased, scared, even more
scared, pleased.

This corresponds to:

Half a sleep and falling back to sleep, wide awake out
of bed, working hard on my revision – managed to do a question of each
subject, had enough of revision, playing a computer game, back to the
revision, glad I got so much stuff done, walking into Uni, start of
Quantum Mechanics lecture – understand what’s going on, hard question
in quantum mechanics, lost what is going on so bored, sat in the coffee
lounge it is very warm, chatting to mate, start of Radiation and Quantum
Physics lecture – going well, hard question, even harder don’t have
a clue what’s going on anymore, PIZZA!

A day of revision!

Well I wouldn’t say I made fantastic progress but I havent
made bad progress either it has been quite an enjoyable day of revision
and I am finally starting to understand some stuff, I hope!!

Also see this fantastic view of Saturn obtained by the
Cassini-Huygens probe as it
approches the gas giant:

Saturn in 4 spectral bands

Credit: NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute

For more information about this image see: