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More packing

Yay, I
am ill! Great all I need since I am moving house on Thursday. I am working
from home today so that means I haven’t really done much I think I will
spend some extra time on it this evening if I am feeling better. As
for the packing things are going ok since I don’t have much energy I
have only done a little and am shattered. Oh the other day we came across
this strange thing:

Coffee Off

We reckon
it is gone off coffee – strange colour but smells like coffee.

Light and Dark regions on Titan

As Cassini
approaches the largest satellite of Saturn;
Titan, dark regions
have been identified. This is due to the much higher resolution cameras
fitted onto Cassini.
Lets hope this good start is just a start of many discoveries to come.

Here is
one of the images released:

Titan regions

Come on the Greece!

Well I
guess they can be technically classed as my second international team
since my girlfriend is Greek. Well I was cheering for them enough tonight
– just ask her she didn’t like it! Well done to Greece they thoroughly
deserved the win against France and they played very well. I doubt they
can win it but to be in the last four is an absolutely wonderful achievement
for them.

For more see:

Second day working at Uni

I have
to say today was a much more useful day. I managed to get back into
IRAF and some of its strange ways.
I am enjoying myself but am getting annoyed with the lack of software
at times on the Sun computer, luckily
I have my laptop and can always access other computers for the software.
I still haven’t got over that, that I can login to other peoples computers
and use the software of their computer – surely there is some sort of
security concern there. Well I am sure the people who run the network
know what they are doing and so is totally secure.

In other
things; Italy are out, yes! Hopefully this will make things a bit better
for England assuming that we are able to beat Portugal on Thursday.
I have to say many will say that the 2-2 draw between Sweden and Denmark
was suspicious (the only way they could both go through if Italy beat
Bulgaria which they did). All I can say to that is would you expect
England and Scotland to go out and play for a 2-2 draw – hell no, they
would want to knock each other out and Sweden and Denmark are like that
in some ways. So any conspiracy theorists can go away.


First day at Uni working

I have
to say it feels strange working at Uni.
I am doing a job for them but everything is really relaxed even more
than for normal project work. We are being treated like members of the
research group (even though what I am doing is really teaching work)
which is great. I even have my laptop plugged in to the network, oh
the fun I am having. The terminal room, where I am working, is full
of cool looking Sun
machines running Solaris
which are impressive until you actually start using them – thank god
I have my laptop. Think it might be time to dig out the linux on it!

As for
other things, come on England. A nice win and a I might even start to
recognise Wayne Rooney’s talents – but still grudgingly.

playing well, courtesy BBC Sport

Come on the Crimea!

My review
of the Crimea’s gig
at the Birmingham academy
has made it on there site! I guess some people out there actually read
what I post – shocking ;-). I have to say the Crimea
were good on the night and I can’t stop listening to their album.

and this page

Let’s hope
the important people out there, the media, are grabbed by the Crimea.

Now it’s
time for me to get off to Uni for
my first days work on my summer project.

Another night at Snobs, another hangover

What a
night, we didn’t get back till 4am. I am shattered as I got up to meet
my parents at 9 (so I could meet them for 11).

Last night
was lots of fun, I drank too much but well I didn’t spend too much cash
mainly because we walked home – one of the reasons why I am shattered,
it is a 4 mile walk and being drunk meant I probably walked 5 miles
due to balance problems.


I have
to say I generally prefer the music on a Friday at Snobs,
less bling bling ("I am gonna bust a cap in your ass") and
more bang bang – less rap / dance crap and more indie / rock.

Sun behind clocktower

Here is a picture I took using Matt’s camera on July 7th – I meant to post before but haven’t had chance before. I am actually pleased how well this came out. I want to get myself a digital camera as I just love taking lots of pictures.

Sun behind clocktower

Results, a year over.

it, it is over! I have my third year results. I got 64% – I am not entirely
pleased with this but well that’s not bad, I am on for a 2.1 at the
moment. I can’t complain with that. Obviously I would love to get a
first but I just don’t feel I am good enough or well have the motivation
to work that hard – I have other things in my life. I am disappointed
with a few of my results but well I will not complain.

All I can
say is wow! How time flies. It doesn’t seem like five minutes since
a very nervous still living at home 18 year old first stepped onto the
campus. I remember that day clearly I was so overwhelmed and scared
but it was great. That day I met some of the people I hold dearest and
have grown to be my best friends. I can only hope that the friendships
that have grown from then to now and into the future continue to develop.
I have some great friends, don’t think I would be able to cope without
them. Still to think three years has passed is scary. I have changed
a lot, my life is very different – I feel for the better. One of the
main things I am proud that has occurred to me during my time at Uni
is becoming a Vegetarian. Something I had felt for a long time I should
do and with my dearest friends support I have been able to take this
step and boy I think my heart is pleased.

Blair condemns violence, good.

I have
to say it might only be football but I am glad Tony Blair is poking
his nose into the behavior of English fans in Portugal. Lets hope some
of them listen to him otherwise we might face being kicked out of the
competition which would be an awful ending. We might get knocked out
but I would like to see it happen on the pitch and not because of our
fans behavior. I do however feel that the media really do overplay the
actions of English fans and keep quite about the other nations fans.