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My Dog

home we have many pets, I have to say I miss not having pets around
– well we have a hamster but they aren’t the most entertaining of pets.
Probably our most entertaining pet is our dog, Max (otherwise known
as Maxwell, Mac, Maccy, Macca and various similar terms). Ok by now
you will be thinking why the heck is he going on about his pets? Fair
enough question but there is an easy answer. My mom was moaning that
I said I would put some pictures online of our pets and I didn’t, so
here you go:

Max the god

It’s hot – too hot

a typical Brit I am now complaining, not because it is wet dank and
cold but because the thing that we always complain we don’t have is
here. Yes that’s it, the warm weather. I have to say I prefer the winter
– at least then I can turn up the heating. The summer has its benefits
but I just hate it when it is so humid. This weather gives me a huge
headache – well that probably isn’t helped by using a computer all the

Wonderful Images of the Quintuplet Cluster

I have to say is wow! I love some of the X-ray images, they just have
such a cool contrast, I am not entirely sure what it is but something
really appeals to me.

Quintuplet Cluster

Credit: NASA/CXC/Northwestern U./C.Law
& F.Yusef-Zadeh

more about this take a look at:

Fun with my new phone

I played around with my new phone more than I did work! Well that is
not quite true, I got quite a bit done. After a chat with my supervisor
I now know how to insert pictures in LaTeX – actually I think I did
all along I just think I am having some sort of problem with MikTeX.
I am going to figure that out at some point – not now since I have access
to the Astrophysics and Space Research server.

and look at this beautiful Hubble image just released:

  A Day in the Lives of Galaxies

Credits: NASA, ESA, J. Blakeslee and
H. Ford (Johns Hopkins University)


Three is a magic number

have gone 3G! Yep that means third generation mobile phone. I have got
the NEC e313, and I got it for cheap – well it was cheap but it was
a gift of my mom, so a big thanks to her. It is brilliant, some of the
features are wow – especially my cool video camera – expect many posts
to now contain dodgy pictures taken by this. You may not think great,
but I will. I always see things that I would like to comment on whilst
I am out but alas no camera – that’s all changed now.


I can say is I hope Three’s service is as good as the cool gadgets!

Saturn’s beautiful rings

is getting "up close and personal" with Saturn and recently
captured some wonderful images of its rings, well I will not describe
them (that would be stupid!) – go view them! see:
or look below:

PIA05421: Ringscape In Color

Image Credit: NASA/JPL/Space Science

you go and download the high resolution it is wonderful the pixelisation
is tiny and I bet they have even better photos.

I’m number 1 on Google!

last if you type in "samuel
(click on the link for the exact search string) on (the worlds best
search engine) you get me! I am so pleased, it means that people actually
come here! 🙂

am very pleased, I wonder how long it will last.

Information isn’t lost

has backed down about his ideas of information being mangled within
black holes and possibly being sent to other universes. As he even said
this is bad news for the sci-fi fans out there (Hawking: I’m sorry
to disappoint science fiction fans, but if information is preserved,
there is no possibility of using black holes to travel to other universes.").
No!!!!! bye bye the sci-fi dreams.

more, see:

Rugby, the curse

night I was convinced by Steve to go and play rugby – something I haven’t
done in a long time. I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed myself, well
up till the point that I pulled my hamstring. Since we were only playing
touch rugby my usual charge and hit the deck tactic does not work, it
is more a question of speed. SInce it is about speed when I got the
ball in a very attacking position instead of charging through I tried
to increase the pace, I managed to do it but at the same time by over
extending my hamstring, ouch! I scored, I was happy – then in agony
– bye bye rest of game. It was lots of fun – even just watching was.

Learning LaTeX

am in the process of learning LaTeX, my latest endeavor to increase
my computing knowledge and help me with my summer project. It is going
well. I am currently installing MiKTeX so I can use it on Windows, I
could do it on Linux very easily but I do like to use windows still.
This is mainly so I can just have a game when I want a break from work
and the fact that I am still very new to Linux. To help me with learning
LaTeX I am using "The Not so short introduction to Latex 2E"
(pdf version here),
this is quite funny with comments in it like "Real Men Use Unix"!
(see page 22 of the pdf file). Anyway back to it I think.