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RSS and the USA elections

Both George "the idiot" Bush and John Kerry (lets hope he does George over) are using Blogs during this election, an excellent idea – bet they don’t have anything to do with them though – just there aids! The reason I mentioned this is I came across a site which shows both at the same time. I guess this could be interesting. You are thus able to look at both at the same time and maybe see what each is saying about the other. At the least it could be fun, see:

Mohair Rock!!

I will do my full reading festival review later but I need to tell everyone how impressed I was with Mohair. They opened the Carling tent on the 2nd day and well neither me nor Katherine had heard of them but thought we would give them a listen. Wow! They were fantastic, probably the best find of the festival for me. I want to see them again, time to try and get some tracks by them I think. It was a shame they only got to do a shortened set because of the delays in allowing people into the arena but what they did was excellent – they even gave me a sticker (its going on my guitar)! see:


Back from Reading Festival

in mud, knackered, lots to write about, can’t be arsed, bugger it –
i’ll do it later. One thing:

mother’s got a penis"!!!!! (GLC rock!)


I just came across this rather cool game on the BBC website, see: I think it requires flash but it is well worth the install. I have played it once and got a bronze with 3,250. Gosh it does require some physical effort on your fingers -takes me back to hours spent on similar games on my old acorn. Its a young mans game, this typing buttons fast 😉 It is lots of fun and I am sure the most adult of people will find the calamari crawl fun – in some way.

8 Mile and Bend it Like Beckham

some people might could be crazy for watching either of these films
but to watch them both in one day most people would call me weird and
tell me to get out of the house! Well in my defence I was working while
I watched these films and I only watched them since I am taking advantage
of Blockbuster’s free month
trial. There service is mostly good – very fast but not quite enough
copies of movies, meaning I still haven’t got one of the top 5 on my
list. At £14 a month it is not bad, but as a student I don’t feel
I can justify this expense.

for the films, I have to say I (shockingly) enjoyed "Bend
It like Beckham
" – it has some quite funny moments and lots
of scenes of women playing footie in their bra’s for some reason (we
all know why – get the men to watch it!). It had a good storyline and
was well worth watching – shame about the title. As for 8
, this was slightly disappointing. The story seemed to just
stop, I felt like the story had lots to go. It was interesting and had
some funny moments. Oh and Eminem didn’t even sing "Lose Yourself"
at any point, now I am really disappointed ;-).

Two new moons around Saturn

Cassini spacecraft which is now orbiting around Saturn has identified
two new ‘moons’ orbiting around Saturn. Now the question is how large
does a rock have to be before it is classified to be a moon? I bet there
new discoveries will end up not being classified as moons but rather
as rocks orbiting around the gas giant.

S/2004 S2

S/2004 S2. Credit: NASA/JPL/Space Science

for more on this story.

Astrosoc in Astronomy Now

I went to buy my latest copy of Astronomy Now from Borders and unexpectedly
(a month early) my society, the University of Birmingham Astronomical
Society, featured as the Society Spotlight. Yeah!! This along with some
of our other publicity only go to show how much progress the society
has made over the last year or so (even if I do say so myself).

AN Sept 2004

see it go to:

Stupid Bees

How can
bees be so damn stupid!! I just had this huge been in my room, well
flying against the same part of the window. It is in quite an awkward
position for me to get to but I managed to get it caught in a pint glass
but as I lifted it place a piece of paper underneath it flew away. This
happened a few times as I couldn’t get the piece of paper underneath
the cup due to my bookshelves being in the way. Eventually I gave up
on this and decided I would try and get it to fly out of the window
via some nudging off me. Well it seemed to work a few times but each
time it landed on a plant and looked angry so I stepped back. Eventually
I got it out of the window, surely you would have thought it would have
tried to get out a few times when it had the opportunity. Stupid bee,
but no where near as stupid as moths or flies.

An attempt at creative writing

I came
across an attempt I made in the past at some creative writing, yes shocking
me creative! Well I have looked at it and removed same obvious grammatical
errors (unlike on here, I NEVER notice or remove them). Here we go I


a dark ally a new killer is born
This killer with a bloody thirst
Only quenched by the death of a person

person is some one unsuspecting of death
A happy person having the time of her life

The problem
is that her happiness is about to be ended
By a veracious killing machine

The young
woman who is about to be extinguished
The alcohol in her blood stream
Has lost all of her orientation

She has
been separated from her friends for what seems an age
The only thing she can think of is getting home

He follows
her down the bright and vibrant street
Hoping with anticipation that she will go under the dark underpass

As he
walks behind her he gets more and more agitated
This will be his first kill

How did
things get to this point?

Did he
always know that he was going to kill?
Or could he have become something else

As they
approach the underpass
The number of people around decreases
It is now at a point where it is just him and her

He gets
closer and closer

She can
feel his breath against her neck
It is now too late
He is too close to her

He thinks
He has a conscious
However this late show of human decency is too late

He is
going to kill her

He pulls
out a knife

On it
reads stainless steel

He doesn’t
believe it will stay stainless

It is
obviously deadly

Burnt out?

The other
day I took pictures of a burnt out bus on the Bristol Road (see:

Burnt out?

as I was going into town I noticed that the actual advert says "Burnt
Out?", how ironic!!

was originally tempted to write on the picture Burnt in front of the
out but didn’t get around to it, now I am on the hunt for a West Midlands
Transport Bus with that advert on the side!