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Interview, Warwick University

Yesterday I had my first PhD interview. This one was at Warwick. The University itself seems quite nice. Not as pretty as Birmingham but looks like a typical University. I could seem myself being content their. The interview itself, I think, went well. I have interviews coming up and Nottingham and Birmingham so I guess I will only get better butthen I guess everyone has their own style. I don’t really mind what field of Astrophysics I go into and all of the projects I have applied for seemrather interesting. I guess it is going to be a decision between what takes my fancy more and who offers me a place!


Michael Jackson’s favourite

See: Wacko Jacko – you need Flash though. This was posted on a forum I am involved in and I just can’t stop laughing!

SDSS Picture of the Week

This week’s Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) image is of NGC 4438 (upper left) and NGC 4435 (lower right). And can be found at: It is a lovely image and is an excellent example of galactic interaction.


Interloper, Daddy Delux & Sixer @ Bar Academy

Last night I went to see Interloper, Daddy Delux & Sixer @ Bar Academy in Birmingham. The main reason to go was to see Sixer, I have seen them before and a girl I know is their lead vocalist. Thought I’d better show support. Not often you get a physicist who can sing (well that is)!! 🙂 The gig was good though they did have a bunch of replacements in their lineup. Their drummer was replaced by a very good replacement if not a bit scary! Well not that scary but he did manage to brake his stick (well I think he did) and hit the drummers very hard. Nice and loud. At times this drowned out Zoe (vocals) a bit but that was a minor problem. I do like their music and it was pointed out to me that they sounded a little like Placebo and yes I agree they do. They also had a new guy playing rhythm guitar, from a band called the Enids ( I believe. I have seen them play and wasnt that impressed. Showed promise though. Back to the gig. I actually even remembered some of the songs they played this time. It was very enjoyable. They do need to relax at little and move around a bit. They need to stop being so ridged – unless that’s what they are going for. I did enjoy myself though. More can be found at:

As for the rest of the gig. Daddy Delux were ok. Definitely had the woah effect going on the guitars. They were enjoyable and very professional but alas nothing exceptional. I think they are headlining down at the jug of ale soon. They had a bit of an Oasis feel to them at times.

Finally we came on to Interloper at gone 11, meaning we could only catch 30mins so we could get the bus home. The gig was enjoyable. They did seem a bit familiar at times. I can only put this down to a few of their riffs sounding rather similar to songs I already know. Overall it was a good night – well worth the

Birmingham in the top 100 Uni’s across the world!

It appears that the University of Birmingham (http;//, the Uni I attend, is in the top 100 Uni’s across the world – according to: Incidentally it is a respectable 93rd. Not bad – pretty illustrious list.

Maximo Park, Murdoch and the Rips

Last night I went to the Jug of Ale in Moseley to primarily see Maximo Park, a band that I have taken to recently. I actually think they are an excellent band and can’t wait to hear a full album. As for last night the gig was good. The Rips, like Murdoch, are a band I have not heard of before. They actually were quite good and did have a very big plus – a sexy female drummer 🙂 They were upbeat and could imagine them going on to bigger things. They had a varying style. One thing they need to, well the drummer, is to keep hold of her sticks. She did make a good recovery. Next on was Murdoch – I heard they are from Birmingham and their site is: they were ok. Nothing special – just another band really. Also during this set I was not feeling to good.

On to the main event: Maximo Park. Like expected they were excellent. They have a good range of songs and are what I would classify as a typical indie band. They were late on but they made up for it by doing an excellent set. They played all the songs I was expecting them to play and I was surprised how many of them I actually knew. My favourites from the night probably were “Apply some pressure”, which is released as a single on Monday, and Graffiti. They are very entertaining as well. I can see them going far. Lets see what they do for an album… they deserve to get one out. Oh and they are from Newcastle, a five piece; singer, lead guitar, bass, keyboard and drums. More at:

Comet Machholz still a target

Well Comet Machholz may have faded but as can be seen by this: picture taken by Tom Kerns it is still worth a go – especially if you have some sort of astrophotographic device.