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Is my site good or evil?

According to The Sect of Homokaasu my website is 55% good and 45% evil. Excellent.
This site is certified 45% EVIL by the Gematriculator
This site is certified 55% GOOD by the Gematriculator

Oh and don’t ask me how they calculated this I wasn’t paying attention on the page that described how they find out. Oh one thing.. it depends on the info on the page so my rating will change. [Addition: when I viewed the link after the post on this page I was 79% good! ]

Reach for the 3D glases here is the Moon

Ever wanted to have the Moon leap out of the screen? If so take a look at: by Gerardo Addiego and Sylvain Weiller. I personally have not got out the 3D glasses since I can’t find a pair but from what others have said this is meant to be quite impressive. Well done to the authors for such a good attempt.

The Bravery – The Bravery

I just got hold of the Bravery’s debut album. I am very impressed. At first they reminded me a bit of the Killers less so now. They do use a combination of indie and more dancey beats. It seems to work well and I am well impressed with this album. Probably my favourite track off this album has to be the opening track “Honest Mistake”. It is very good. At times their tracks can be a bit samey but this is not necessarily a bad thing – it just means we have lots of a good thing! If you like any of the recent popier indie bands then you will love the Bravery. It seems they are on a worldwide tour at the moment I hope this goes well for them and I do wonder if they will play Reading…
For more see:

I’m going to the Reading Festival, again

For the third year in a row I will be heading towards Reading just before the August bank holiday to endure 4 days of camping and three wonderful days of beautiful music. Lets hope it isn’t as wet as last year I can’t wait to see the Pixies, Foo Fighters and the Killers..nevermind the rest. It’s gonna be fun. Maybe I should write a count down clock since the official Reading site ( doesn’t have one. I’m damn excited now.

Reading 2005 Lineup

The Moon with a mobile phone

Well I thought I’d give my mobile phone camera a go with the moon. I actually got a picture. I was quite surprised as I didn’t think I would get any thing. They are actually quite noisy and not the best resolution but you can definitely tell it is the moon. Now I am getting ideas of ripping out a mobile phone camera and adapting it…

The Moon through a mobile

More can be found here

PPS Ball 2005

I meant to post this before but I have been so busy over the last few days and will be over the next few I am sure. Friday night was the 2005 Poynting Physical Society Ball. I love going to the ball as it is always so much fun. This year we were in one of the rooms at Aston Villa football club. It was actually rather nice. Much better than some of the places we have had in the past. I have swiped a few pictures off some people, thanks go out to Ran and Tom (and I think Olly!). I am bound to swipe more for the PPS website soon. Ok on to the photos, for some reason there is a general trend of me holding a beer! I didn’t drink that much, honest. See: for some of the photos.

Webcam images of Jupiter

Jupiter is a great object to observer and take pictures of since it is constantly changing. Not just that it has some great objects to see and even the most inexperience observer will no about the great red spot and endeavor to observer it. It is a fantastic sight and a lovely object to study. I recently came across a collection of wonderful webcam pictures of Jupiter taken by Christopher Go. They are all good, for the equipment used, and can be found at:

The Ebay Song…

I must thank a friend of mine, Clive, for drawing my attention to this quite funny song – It is a good (well interesting) commentary on Ebay – the world wide garage sale. Well maybe it isnt that funny but at least a litte odd.

One student for Hostage please

Now that sounded strange when I said that last night at the cinema. Have you guessed what we went to see? Yep it was Bruce Willis’ latest adventure as a cop – Hostage. It was very entertaining and good to watch. It had a very Max Payne kinda feel to it from the start (for those of you who don’t know Max Payne is a computer game). It was well worth the