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And so it ends

My degree is over. I had my last exam yesterday and now have the hangover to prove it! 🙂 My last exam was a Quantum Mechanics one, quite fitting that it would be a core physics course to finish on. I had 3 exams in 3 days so even though I tried to party hard last night I just couldn’t – I was just too tired. Well that doesn’t matter so much as I still have a few weeks around Selly Oak before the results are in to celebrate. I have just gotta find something to do now, expect some changes on the website. I’m very much looking forward (results pending) to starting my PhD in September but for now its time to relax and recover.

BitTorrent Blitzed

The Feds have shut down, supposedly one of the best sites in the torrent community, I personally have never used BitTorrent. The webiste now has a big warning from the Feds that goes something like this: “HAS BEEN PERMANENTLY SHUT DOWN BY THE FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION AND U.S. IMMIGRATION AND CUSTOMS ENFORCEMENT

Individuals involved in the operation and use of the Elite Torrents network are under investigation for criminal copyright infringement”.
Another one for the MPAA eh? (Motion Picture Association of America).
Some more info can be found here: [Reuters], [],
Oh and remember (probably only people from the UK will get this) that piracy funds terrorism, even when it costs no one a penny and that’s a matter of FACT. :=)

Phallic Logo Awards

A friend of mine brought the my attention to the Phallic Logo Awards. I will let you come to your own conclusions on some of these, though Pontins doesn’t seem like the family option anymore.

UB logo in the news…

I noticed today that the new University of Birmingham Logo has made it into the news! [BBC Article] For a bit more see [Internal Link]. It also got on a more local site.

Cows and communists

I just came across two rather interesting articles. The first one is about cloning, something I have little knowledge about but really should have some (time to learn some biology – I think not 🙂 ), the second is a rather interesting articles that involves Mongolia and a possible step back to the good old days (someone stand Stalin up?).


Exams, finals!

Yesterday I had my first exam, yes on a Saturday (I have two saturday exams this year!). It went well, I hope! This is my last set of exams during my degree (I only have 5 this year – yipee!) – it couldn’t have come sooner. After 4 years of working hard in the summer term I am looking forward to not having to stress about exams next year. Things are going well with my revision, not as good as I would have liked. Probably because I had a good year last year, finding it hard to be motivated this year. I have 3 exams in 3 days at the end of the week (then the big piss up!) so I won’t be posting on here regularly – something I haven’t done for a while due to revision. Well on to the superconductivity, what’s the Meissner effect again? 😦 (btw the Meissner effect is basically the exclusion of flux from the bulk of a superconducting body [Wiki Link].

Star Wars III

WOW! That’s about all I can say. We went to see it on Thursday and I was very pleased. It made up for the first one! I won’t say more as Star Wars speaks for itself. This is definitely one that probably is best watched in the cinema. There was even to big cheers at the start, can’t ask for more than that. Oh it also appears that Red Bull racing in Formula 1 have been taken over with the force for an advertising campaign this weekend – lets hope the force is with them. More: and

New Logo

The University of Birmingham are in the process of a rebrand. At first I had my reservations about liking the design as they seemed to be going ultra modern with simple just “U B” slightly stylized and set slightly off the page. It now appears they are gonna go back to the old crests as well. I think it looks great.

Uni Crest

And here is the UB:
More can be found on:

Kingdom of Heaven

I went to see Kingdom of Heaven yesterday. This is a film about the crusades staring Orlando Bloom. It was quite good and had some good battle scenes with some impressive graphics. It did seem to miss something though, not entirely sure what but there was something missing. It is a Ridley Scott film and so I was expecting something good and I wasn’t that disappointed. It was very enjoyable to watch and quite entertaining. If you like castles and medieval battles then this is one to watch. If you don’t then maybe watching if for the personal side might be good. Either way there was something not quite right. Oh I shall also avoid going into a rant about the idiots who came in during the trailers and stood there looking lost.. right in my way. Muppets.

Maximo Park Gig

On Thursday night we went to see Maximo Park play at the Birmingham Academy 2. I have never seen a gig at the academy 2 before. It wasn’t bad. It was just the upstairs room of the main academy – nothing special about it but it did have a closer environment than a normal academy gig. This was the secondMaximo Park gig I have seen after seeing them play at the Jug of Ale earlier this year (see this).
They were excellent before and they did not disappoint. They even played a few songs that I haven’t heard before. I think one was about the A19 but I am not quite sure. The crowd were most boisterous for Apply Some Pressure and Graffiti – there most recent singles and probably two of their more ‘bouncy’ songs – if that makes sense. I enjoyed their whole set and at one point I was getting nervous that they wouldn’t play “The Night I Lost My Head” which is probably my favourite Maximo Park song but not by much. I really like lots of their songs. The gig was sold out so looks like they might be on the way of making it big.

Also playing was The Blood Arm – a very interesting American band. The lead singer has the charisma and style of a Swedish band called the Hives. Apart from that there aren’t many similarities. I think I shall be looking out for this band in the future as they were very good. The other band, I think, was called the Research but I am not entirely sure. They were ok but I think suffered from not being the most confident. Worth a listen…