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Speaking at Birmingham Astronomical Society Tomorrow

I feel I haven’t posted in ages. I have been so busy – what with tasks at Uni and moving house things have just been so hectic. Hopefully after tomorrow night things will calm down a bit. Oh the main reason for posting is that tomorrow night I will be speaking to Birmingham Astronomical Society with a talk titled “Galaxies and the largest structures in the Universe”. Should be fun. Oh and if anyone likes the title it will take place at: Room 146, 1st Floor (School of Engineering and Applied Science), Main Building, University of Aston, Birmingham. More info: [Birmingham Astronomical Society]

Which nigerian spammer are you?

It’s time to find out which nigerian spammer you are!
I ended up as:

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APOD Is Ten Years Old Today

Astronomy Picture of the Day is 10 years old today, congrats to the team behind it. Every day a picture is posted with a very interesting comment to explain what the image is showing. Wonderful work – well done. I have to say this site has to be one of my favourites on the web. More here: [APOD]

MSci result…

I got a 2.i – yay!!! 🙂 Now I can go to do some research, just what I want to do.

The Transit of Venus; a year on

It is a year on since the transit of venus. I remember standing in the Sun for most of the day talk to the press and having lots of interviews while I missed out on the fun science that was going on. Though I did get to take a few images. This was through a 5″ newtonian telescope (follow link for better) with an inhouse solar filter and an electronic camera. Not the most advanced setup I could think of but perfect for getting lots of people along to watch what was a once in a lifetime event. Lots of fun. Oh and there are better photos out there but one taken by yourself is damn satisfying! I still can’t quite imagine how successful it was. We had about 1,000 people take part in our observing session and I was on TV / Radio and in newspapers. It might have been nerve wrecking but so much fun – probably the greatest moment the University of Birmingham Astronomical Society has had, even if I do say so myself.

It was such a great team effort as well. Everyone came together to do exactly what was needed. More about the transit can be found here (and you will probably see some very dodgy pictures of myself): [UoB AstroSoc]

And this is what the Sun looked like according to SOHO a year on:

Sun 08/06/2005

Supernova Remnant N 63A Menagerie

Supernova Remnant N 63A Menagerie

This picture shows the remains of a star after the violent explosion that ended its life. This supernova will go on to form other stars causing more and more heavier elements to form in the star. This one is actually in a star forming region in the LMC (Large Magellanic Cloud – this is another galaxy in our local group). I just love the colours in this – it really reminds me of an explosion as you would see in a lab, if you were blowing things up that is :-).

Sin City

At the weekend I went to see Sin City, a film I have been waiting to see for a while now. It was very good. They made the film look like a comic book strip by using lots of bright colours and if they hadn’t it would have been very gruesome at times. I guess it could be considered quite gruesome even with the cartoon style masking it. I very much enjoyed it – very entertaining. Oh and as I was expecting it reminded me heavily of Max Payne. It is a film I wouldn’t mind seeing again. Oh and this is not to be confused with the adult website ( – which is where I went when I was looking for a trailer. Lets just say the trailer was a bit different to what I was expecting! 🙂

Max Payne 3…(?)

…maybe not but almost. The makers of the Max Payne games are going to be bringing us another psychological action thriller – Alan Wake.

This game has been classified by many as the best game to come out of E3 (well in close competition to UT2007). Personally I can not wait – I love the max payne games. Lots of fun and not too long that you get a bored of it, to be honest I doubt I would have gotten bored of it. I can’t wait for this now.
Alan Wake Official Site
Gamespy Preview