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Star Wreck

I just came across what looks like a good scifi parody, [Star Wreck]. Guess what the idea is behind it. It is actually a full movie. I’m currently downloading it and it is about 500mb but there is a smaller version available. Essentially it looks like a star trek fan fiction film. So if you into that sort of thing your bound to enjoy it – I’ll say if I don’t! 🙂


Wind Skating

Firstly I’m not talking about something you do after you have had a curry, though the idea of flatulence powered skating is humorous. I’m actually talking about something I came across on the other day. I’ve nicked the picture below (so I don’t have to hot-link; image copyright Stuart Dawley).

wind skating

Well I guess you have to try and enjoy yourself in anyway possible when a hurricane hits where you live??!! The full piece can be found [here]

Now this is how to get me to buy clothes..

Possibly the best clothing advert ever!! BTW I wan’t the trousers! lol (Note: not one for younger viewers, not that my site ever is).
Take a look at the movie [here]

Balti night, you can’t some people anywhere!

We went for a curry the other night and look at the mess my mate Ran got himself into…tut tut, some people!


And if you think that was bad, I think Rowan got too excited when they brought out the family sized naan bread!


Colin, Dave and Bodo

The coffee lounge had a few odd visitors, who says cups don’t have feelings. They were joined by Colin, I think thats what the name of this soft object is but I am not entirely sure (heck Colin, Dave and Bodo sounds cool). Maybe I have been staring at my computer terminal too much…..


Witton Lodge Balti Opening

A new Balti restaurant opened near me the other day, Witton Lodge Balti, so obviously we went along on the night of their grand opening! My dad seems to know the guy who owns it and this lead to us having a great time. I think I shall have to appreciate their cooking again, oh and the choice of veggie options weren’t bad (which is good for me!). I do love a good Balti – which I think is a little obvious from my face in the below pictures:






Purple Skies over campus

The other day it rained rather heavily but it left some rather purple skies across campus, I couldn’t resist taking some pictures with my mobile phone: