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Insult Bush and Blair but not prophets..

I came across a rather interesting [article] in which British cartoonist, Martin Rowson, desribes how he would not produce such a cartoon but feels it is cool to have a go at politicians. I do agree, his points make sense. Politicians should be attacked! 🙂

Annual Dinner Photos, first lot

Here are a few photos that I said I would post from the [Astrosoc] Annual Dinner. These ones are off Scott Porter, I didn’t actually check if he will mind me posting them here but I’m sure he won’t … if you do come and find me I’m like 3 desks away! 🙂

This is the obligatory big group photo (don’t we all look smart!):


And now for just the committee… a few more happy faces (!)..


Search for pictures of Weatherspoons…

and u get my sister and her husband! Yes thats right, if you do a search on [Yahoo] for this you pull up a picture taken me during our Reading festival pub lunch! Bit random, and I can’t even remember how I came across this little piece of randomness.

And now I have lots of work todo..

Well it was going to happen eventually, I have put myself down to present a poster at the National Astronomy Meeting… now that means lots of work. I’m not bothered as it is a nice deadline to work to. I have to say I have missed having deadlines as of late. The work I am going to present actually is not work related to my PhD…. its just for interest. This is good as this is how I want to be. I want to be able to explore as much astrophysics as possible, though, obviously I will have to really put some huge effort into my main project: modelling planets – but this is actually moving along quite well.

Why? – You sicken me.

This is now getting bloody ridicoulous… [Nigerian Christians Burn Corpses]. Come on people! Be human!

Another year.. another meal..

So then that’s another Astrosoc Annual Dinner over with. I’m kinda glad as it is a little stressful and was hanging over my head. Well saying that, it was a great night which I throughly enjoyed. It would have taken a lot for it not to have been a good night to be honest… what with beer, wine, good food and of course an interest guest speaker. Another semi-tradition was kept by the British weather, it snowed! 🙂 (I like snow). Since I am Chair of Astrosoc it meant I had to give a quick speech about the society over the past year (this years was quick!), oh I was not looking forward to that. I normally do not have a problem talking in front of people, in fact I thrive on it. Last night was different though, dunno why – maybe it was because by the time I had to stand up I had already drank quite a lot, oh well. I don’t think it was too bad and I only embarrassed one or two people, but thats really how it should be now isn’t it?!

When I get some pictures off my phone, I will stick them on but I’m too lazy (/ on a train) and can’t really be bothered at the moment. I’m also sure Steve will post some on the Astrosoc website soon enough and they will probably be the most embarrassing ones of everyone he can find.

Oh and guess, like we should always, ended up after the annual dinner? The Guild – bad beer, bad karaoke but heck good company and even though it is bad, it is still beer.

Anyway, as I said I’m currently sat on a train making my way to Uni for another day of work. Ok, it is late but then again I do have a bit of a hangover – I think the loud Greenday that my mp3 player is pumping out is helping.

Time to get dressed up…

Tonight is the [University of Birmingham Astronomical Society’s] Annual Dinner. This is a rather special occasion and is a great chance to get out with a bunch of astronomers, ok doesn’t sound like the most hardcore of event but heck these guys can drink :-)… and some of us don’t scrub up too bad either… welll, I hope I don’t. Anyway.. I have still to decide what, as Chair, I will say when I reflect on the society over the last year – guess I will have to play it by ear. Oh well.

Now it’s the Christians turn…

Great, if it wasn’t enough that “followers” of Islam have been overreacting across the world in response to some stupid decisions by European press now we have bloody “Christians” kicking off for the same stupid reasons, well in protest against the original protests. People are dying, come on people – it was just a cartoon. Take a look at this [Washington Post] article.

Read the day away: Project Gutenberg

Want something to do? Something to read? Oh and wanna do this for free? Wel, I might have a suggestion for you and no it isn’t go to your local library, though that is a good idea(!), it is go to [Project Gutenberg] who currently have 17,000 books that are free for you! I have come across this many times before but recently I have been reading a bit and love their service so thought I really should write about this. I’m currently re-reading one of my favourite books, HG Wells’ “War of the Worlds”… beats the cinematic version any day… I get far more scared when reading this. The only problem I find is that it is not quite as relaxing reading off a computer screen but when I am running a simulation (my research, don’t ask!) I find that its best to clear my mind and read, so this is not a bad use of my time (ok, maybe I should be doing physics all the time but sometimes you just need a break). Anyway go, read something good not my useless, meaningless words.

Your stance does not fool us…

George Bush for renewable energy? You have gotta be pulling my leg.. but according to the Washington Post “Bush Urges Funding for Alternative Energy”, yeah..come on. Though the [article] is interesting it is more of a restatement of Bush’s belief that the USA should move away from imports of foreign oil rather than a pro alt energy one. ’tis a shame, as this would have been interesting, but then again he can’t go anti oil… he has lots of friends who make lots of money in this – they probably will make even more if the US imported less foreign oil. Maybe I am just being cynical, but I doubt it. If I am misreading the situation, then Go Bush! Go get your dirty hands over the new tech companies…

Oh and the article includes a rather funny picture (By Jason Reed — Reuters) of Bush embracing renewable energy, lol (anyone else think he looks like he was saying “and its that big” 😉 )