AAF – because without ants, life is no picnic…

Ok, AAF (Alien Ant Farm as they are otherwise know) are back (well not quite but have released a kick ass album 3rd Draft)! Not in the shops, but to download. I had wondered what had happened to them, since I loved their first two albums. However, I didn’t keep up with their progress. It seems that their record company pissed on them. Anyway Alien Ant Farm is a band hailing from Riverside, California and are great! You might at least remember their blasting cover of Jackson’s ‘Smooth Criminal’ but if you remember them for more than that and you want more, well, you can get it for free!!! (yes it did need 3 exclamation marks!). You can also buy it at gigs, but since I am in the UK it is unlikely. They look set to have a ‘proper’ third album out soonish. Good. Oh I did promise that you could get it for free somewhere didn’t I? Ok take a look at: [AAF.tk] and you will find the whole album and some other goodies… include otherwise unreleased tracks… well I have something cool to listen to on my mp3 player on the way to work in the morrow now.

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