Does the China have freedom of speech?

The issue of freedom of speech is forever coming up and recently it has been highlighted by the over reaction of people to cartoons. I understand that they were offensive but then there are so many others that are offensive to all religions. The point with freedom of speech is that everyone should have it. No censorship. I should be able to write here what I feel and although, as I am sure, not all people will agree with me I have the right to express myself. I agree words can hurt, but you have to take the context and act appropriately. When it comes to European media they are trying to drive up controversy (and thus sell papers!). Guess what, they did on that one recently and thus offended people worldwide (but please remember it is only a cartoon…). As for the issue behind this post, it is not the case. In China they just want to report fact and not impose feelings.. well I’m sure you will, when you write you naturally impose your thoughts on the subject even if you are trying to be completely netrual. It appears that in China they can’t even write about fact without government censorship. I agree at times government censorship is useful, i.e. national security or court cases, but when it comes to historical information then it is just plain and simple propaganda, in the most offensive manner. Today I sit reading an [article] in the New York Times about people losing their jobs just because they wanted to write the truth. The truth they wanted to write about was about 100 years ago and has no consequence on anything apart from historical thoughts. Maybe it is just me, but I feel that we should be able to investigate, express and involve. I moan about the British press and their takes on things but at least they do have the ‘balls’ to print things. Oh and of course our government would never dream of being so backward that you aren’t able to print fact. Though saying this, the paranoid part of my mind goes…. ummm, maybe there is more censorship going on than I would ever no about, but I doubt it. Anyway, let people tell the truth, speak their mind and then you can judge the facts and their words.

Gosh, that was too political for me… I’ll go back to astronomy later.

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