Read the day away: Project Gutenberg

Want something to do? Something to read? Oh and wanna do this for free? Wel, I might have a suggestion for you and no it isn’t go to your local library, though that is a good idea(!), it is go to [Project Gutenberg] who currently have 17,000 books that are free for you! I have come across this many times before but recently I have been reading a bit and love their service so thought I really should write about this. I’m currently re-reading one of my favourite books, HG Wells’ “War of the Worlds”… beats the cinematic version any day… I get far more scared when reading this. The only problem I find is that it is not quite as relaxing reading off a computer screen but when I am running a simulation (my research, don’t ask!) I find that its best to clear my mind and read, so this is not a bad use of my time (ok, maybe I should be doing physics all the time but sometimes you just need a break). Anyway go, read something good not my useless, meaningless words.

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