Another year.. another meal..

So then that’s another Astrosoc Annual Dinner over with. I’m kinda glad as it is a little stressful and was hanging over my head. Well saying that, it was a great night which I throughly enjoyed. It would have taken a lot for it not to have been a good night to be honest… what with beer, wine, good food and of course an interest guest speaker. Another semi-tradition was kept by the British weather, it snowed! 🙂 (I like snow). Since I am Chair of Astrosoc it meant I had to give a quick speech about the society over the past year (this years was quick!), oh I was not looking forward to that. I normally do not have a problem talking in front of people, in fact I thrive on it. Last night was different though, dunno why – maybe it was because by the time I had to stand up I had already drank quite a lot, oh well. I don’t think it was too bad and I only embarrassed one or two people, but thats really how it should be now isn’t it?!

When I get some pictures off my phone, I will stick them on but I’m too lazy (/ on a train) and can’t really be bothered at the moment. I’m also sure Steve will post some on the Astrosoc website soon enough and they will probably be the most embarrassing ones of everyone he can find.

Oh and guess, like we should always, ended up after the annual dinner? The Guild – bad beer, bad karaoke but heck good company and even though it is bad, it is still beer.

Anyway, as I said I’m currently sat on a train making my way to Uni for another day of work. Ok, it is late but then again I do have a bit of a hangover – I think the loud Greenday that my mp3 player is pumping out is helping.

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