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More eclipse stuff..

The SPA have a nice collection of images taken by their observers fom various different locations, this includes some spectacular images taken at totallity. I do wish I had gone over to Libya now… oh well, there is many more left in my life. Oh and for those pics take a look at: [SPA Solar Section]

Which British Band Are You?

Umm, I’m not sure if I can figure out how the f*ck this happened:

Which British Band Are You?

Solar Eclipse fun

Today there was a partial solar eclipse over the UK, so being the geeky astronomer I am I was outside hoping for no rain and clear skies… well we started off the day with cloud, cloud, cloud but as we approached totallity things improved. It was still cloudy but we could quite clearly (with appropriate filters) see the sun! 🙂 Yay. It was nice, the eclipse looked wonderful. The weather got even better as we went to final contact, shame that it was that way around but heck it was nice to see something. We are normally beaten by the weather but we were not entirely today. We even got a small scope onto it for some nice projection viewing.
The top one is a direct camera image, with a solar filter… obviously no direct viewing with optical aids. This is not far off the maximum eclipse for Birmingham this time
The bottom is a projection image approaching final contact. (images taken by Scott Porter, with the [University of Birmingham Astronomical Society]

Snobs new year..

Can you spot me?


The Last Week

What a week, busy, full of work and fun.

It started with last Saturday… this alone was an action packed day with me going out with Lizzie. We started off with a trip to subway for food then on to see V for Vendetta, a nice meal at an Italian cafe on Broad St and then a few pubs before we met my friends at Risa.

The Sunday was a bit more relaxed, I came home and tried to make up for the fact that I had not been around much! i.e. lots of work.

The Monday was a good, hard day of work, I was in for 8am! Work went well and then I got to spend a bit of time with the lovely lady before I came home and went out for a curry, there was a special fundraiser for [St. Martins Church] that my dad had organised. The food was good though I was definitely missing someone. I then went home crashed and relaxed before another busy day at Uni. Oh I did have some phenomenal news on the Tuesday morning – we got time on the GMRT (a radio telescope in India) which means I get to look for exoplanets and go to India… yay! Tuesday evening was a nice and relaxed affair that was originally going to be a cinema evening but once we got there and decided there was nothing we wanted to see it turned into a nice meal at a pizza place on Broad St and then a trip to wonderful tesco.. 🙂

Wednesday, well there is only one thing you should do on the last Wednesday of term, GO TO [SNOBS]! So after a busy day of work, I was there from 9am till 9pm! We went to Snobs. The one problem being how shattered I was since I had played footie at 5! It was a friendly so nothing at stake really. Lots of fun and so was snobs.

As always Thursday night is astrosoc night and being the end of term, it was quiz night. This meant that me and Steve had to quickly rush the quiz together since the pair of us have been to busy with work. Before astrosoc we went to the Gun Barrels for a nice and cheap dinner. This was nice cause I got to spend all evening with the lovely lady again! yay!

After all this came Friday, I was shattered. But I did have possibly the best day of work I have had in a while, got quite a bit done. Then I was so exhausted I had to go and crash early. So thats what I did. Sleep, was good. I needed it since I had to go into uni on Sat to get some stuff done before we went the Planetarium. Oh yeah, on Sat we had a wonderful Planetarium show at the new Birmingham Planetarium. Not only was we treated to a free show by the director but a nice hour long extras show. Was quite spectacular really. Well worth the entrance to thinktank (science museum). We then had my favourite, Pizza (at the hut) and then on to watch a film. We chose a random one, Kidulthood. Which was interesting, if not contrived and obvious. Didn’t matter as I was with that special person. I could have watched anything and not be bothered.

What a couple of days…

Friday was the [PPS] Ball, which is always a wonderful occasion. It had even greater meaning to me this year, it was the first time with someone special. I then got the privilege of spending all day with said person yesterday, it was great. I went to see V is for Vendetta with her, that is a great film (will write more seperately) then took her to this nice Italian cafe, the food was great. The company even better. Then I had the fun of spending all evening with her and introducing her to a few of my mates. It was all good and I am very pleased. Anyway I will write more on the ball and V at some point I am sure…

What we missed out on…

The penumbral Lunar eclipse was blocked out here by bloody clouds.. [] has pictures showing us just what we missed out on! Argh.

Clouded out…

Argh, another eclipse, another cloudy night. Why, oh why! Bloomin’ British weather. I don’t mind hugely cause we still managed to raise the profile of my Astronomical Society, we must have had about 200 people passing by our stand. The telescopes were deemed impressive, so we can’t moan. We got to do the public outreach stuff, just not anything really cool. Well there is always the next one…. shame though cause a nice red moon would have been awfully romantic.

A drunken warewolf?

Do I honestly look like that… maybe I do… here is me doing a good go of it anyway! 🙂


BTW this was taken at the PPS Christmas party. You can even vote [here]…though you possibly have to register.

3 hours to Pi Day, yay!

Big geek moment, oh well. Pi day occurs tomorrow, so celebrate! I will…. for futher info see: [Wiki] and of course [PiDay]. This is how I will be celebrating it by wearing one of my favourite tshirts: