A trip to Stafford…

I’m currently sat on the platform of Stafford Train station, oh what fun, my train has been delayed twice now (I currently have 30 minutes to wait, great!). Well at least it does give me chance to write this…. yippee. So why am I in Stafford, its not like it is on my regularly daily routine. Well I am here, well was here, to give a talk to the good people at Stafford and District Astronomical Society. I do enjoy giving talks, its a nice break from the routine. Only problem is I am missing this weeks Astrosoc, which I hate to do as I always have a good laugh. I was actually hoping I would get back for some of it but the way the trains are currently going I probably won’t.

The real bitch of it is I was actually praising the trains earlier…..why, oh why did I decide to do this. Umm, a freight train just parked on the platform I am waiting at… that can not be a good thing, especially since the thing infront of me is marked “super heavy, marine pollutant”… ummm, what next.

Back to the talk. Tonight I was speaking about “Galaxies and the largest Structure in the Universe”. This talk has been given to many different places now, all different backgrounds. Tonight was a fairly interested crowd and it became as much of a discussion as me standing up at the front boring people with my rant. I like it when it becomes this, it also avoids the random questions at the end! I must thank the people of Stafford AS for putting up with me and giving me such a great reception. Anyway my hands are getting cold and I’m not so sure about having my shiny laptop out here…:-)

Ok I’m finally off the bloody platform and on the Bristol Train… explanation.. overhead power equipment… but isn’t this a diesel train?? I’m sure there must be some technical aspect of railways that I don’t know about but surely this train does not require the power… and guess what the shop is now closed, not that I want anything but I was thinking about a warm cuppa… oh well. 44 minutes late. I’m glad I haven’t waited for the train I was originally thinking of getting… that is delayed from 21:22 till about 10:19…. wow! The guy on the platform was like if you are going to Birmingham I suggest you get on this one, so guess what… I did. As if I was going to stand around on a cold platform for any longer than I had to… idiots.

Oh I just saw something really funny, some chav on the phone, it died so she shook it like a bottle, lol. As if that will do anything. Well I’m definitely in a rather bitchy mode. At least I can use my laptop.

Things to do when i get in: look up how diesel trains work, so i can bitch about overhead power for the rest of eternity, write a letter moaning to the rail regulator that although I have to pay extra for my journeys I am never on time. Today has just taken the piss. I can normally put up with the late local trains, as they normally work to me getting them instead of missing them but what with that and this! I don;t mind with the local ones but surely they can’t justify increasing transportation fees based on this. It is a joke.

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