36 hours without sleep followed by 12 hours asleep!

Yesterday was epic.. well and the day before. After my talk in Stafford I did return to meet up with my fellow astronomy group in the pub for a swift drink. This continued onto doing karaoke, great. My singing wasn’t up to much, especially when my “friends” gave me the challenge of doing Parklife by Blur.. we did it but made people cry! 🙂 I then did with a big group, “Bat out of hell”, then with a mate “You’ll never walk alone”… I thought that went well, but obviously not! 🙂 After all this I was feeling quite awake and since we hadn’t drunk we decided that observing would be great.. the sky was unbelievable. So we took a couple of the 1st years out to the Uni observing and were there gazing into the heavens till 5am! I will have to post some pictures as we saw some fantastic objects. Once we did this we went back to Uni and I started work, again….

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