Wonderful Solar Prominences

I sometimes wished I owned a solar telescope, so I could observe the Sun. Saying that I still wouldn’t look through it. It is just too dangerous. I am not going to risk going blind because of a slight defect in the filters. There are some nice telescopes out there that are desinged to do this but I just don’t think it is for me. That is cool, cause the alternative is to put a nice camera on the back and take pretty photos that you can share with lots of people. However, since I don’t have one of these I can’t. Though I can do projection… where you aim (being very careful) your small telescope or bins at the Sun and take photos of the projected disc. You can’t do this really with these prominences (by the way some could fit many Earth’s inside them) but I can dream I have a nice solar telescope I could take photos with. Anyway the whole reason to write about this is because currently there are some absolutely stunning and huge ones visible. See the below SOHO image:


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