Story of the year gig

Last night I went to see Story of the Year with Lizzie. I have to say I wasn’t that familiar with their music but Lizzie said they put on a good show so I was kinda excited, well I just like hanging with Lizzie to begin with, so I was sure I was going to have a good night. The gig itself wasn’t bad Story of the Year were pretty good but I am sure they are one of these american bands that sound so much better when recorded. I think the main issue with them was that their singer wasn’t clear enough in the live venue and so distracts you a little. I have heard a few of their songs and a few more after the gig now and they are good just a bit messy when live. They were bad and I am sure as they go on in their career this will get better. They were pretty cool and did some guitar moves whilst playing. I think possibly the funniest thing was when one of their guitarists (we were near the back) just walked past us playing.. which was a bollocks I wish I had my phone out moments. Overall I enjoyed their set so can’t moan. Oh and they did a great cover megamix like thing and I really enjoyed their “Until The Day I Die”. Was great.


Oh as for the “special guests” on the lineup was Bleed the dream, which seemed interesting but a bit messy in their perfomance… will give them a download, and Stretch Armstrong who weren’t bad, some nice songs and did their best to get the crowd going. Actually on the matter of the crowd, apart from the dads who were escorting their kids I reckon I must have been one of the oldest guys there, lol!

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