Camping in Wales…

I have just returned from a few days camping in Wales, we went to a nice campsite about 15 miles from Pwllheli, Porthysgaden, it was rather fun. The weather was very changeable which meant for an odd time. At times it was wonderful and shorts, sun glasses and probably sun lotion were needed and at others full winter gear would have been rather appropriate! Oh well, it was lots of fun, and the weather helped it in a sense. I really enjoyed myself. On the way there we got lost a couple of times and took the wrong turning more than once! The food we brought we didnt eat, it is very hard to cook with a meths cooker when the wind is really high.. still though we got a good hot chocolate out of it. This meant we tried to cook with a BBQ… that was slightly more succesful but the wind and rain really didn’t help.

We were only there for two nights, the first day was basically travelling followed by us eating dinner and crashing. The second day was more active, we went to the beach! 🙂 We made sand castles:


and generally played around it was lots of fun. Lizzie got sand all over her due to some person (i.e. me!) kicking sand at her. I got my comeupance when Heather soaked me with a bucket of water, :-). Was lots of fun. On the way back (the third day) we went on the [Ffestiniog railway] which is rather cool and something I have not done in a long time. It was great, I love steam trains.. 🙂


Anyway if you are interested and wanna see some more odd photos from this trip then take a look at: [Camping_Wales_Apr06]

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