Forget Silent Hill, welcome to Centralia

I went to see [Silent Hill] last night, it was damn good, though very distrubing. I also couldn’t believe it was only a 15 as some of the scenes were very (and I do mean very) graphic! It was not hugely scary, in fact I was a little disapointed on that asepct, but in every other way it was a really good film. Full of action, great creatures that are played by actors. I hear that hardly any cgi was used, if any with the odd creatures… which is cool.

Anyway I mentioned Centralia, Pennsylvania. Now this is where a lot of the film inspiration (since Silent Hill was a game long before a film) comes from. It is almost a ghost town in the US where a huge underground fire burning. This sounds very similar to the film and is really quite odd. I suggest you take a look at [] which has some really interesting stuff and pics and, oh, of course there is always [wiki]

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