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Hapland 3 released

Oh no! Time to distract myself with the fun of hapland yet again, this addictive and possibly pretty annoying (cause you have to complete it) game is back! Yet another environment is designed full of strange and odd goings on… to play it you need Flash 8… go and take a look over at []


Bit of a sensationalist title, but quite true… the cluster satellites have passed through the magnetosphere of the Earth, pretty cool.


The Da Vinci Code Film

I think the first words that came to mind whilst seeing this was cool. The film was pretty good and had some rather artistic effects that worked well. I personally haven’t read the da vinci code and have no real intension to do so. Taking it as just a film and not comparing this to how good the book is or whatever I have to say that the film was rather enjoyable. I am sure there will be some people out there who watched it going “no no no no, thats not how it goes in the book”. As a film it was good, I was well entertained! 🙂 [Watch it].

Multiple Desktop Sessions on Mac OS X Tiger

Moving one step further from just having multiple desktops, lets do it so you can use another computer to use your mac, with vnc installed: OSXvnc 1.6

and now pretty multiple windows on the mac

I know this has been around for ages but since I was trying out xgl I though I would go about installing mutliple desktops on my mac, I came across [VirtueDesktops] which does the job nice and simply, lots of fun.. and since I have a tiny 12″ laptop will help with my clutter!

Kororaa – linux with Xgl, yay!

Do you want a linux distribution that looks good and by looks good I mean great! It has that Mac OS X feel to it. I suggest you go get the LiveCD then within 5 minutes you will be enjoying a treat of the this new technology! kororaa is great. I think I may have to install it on my laptop. You can get the LiveCD from [here], go have fun! It’s free and doesn’t take any knowledge or much effort!

Running software remotely or in the background

This is something I keep meaning to do with my scripts, it is normally not an issue but has become while whilst at Lizzie’s the last few days whilst I have been ill. It would have been rather useful to setup a task and let it run without my laptop being connected to the network. I knew there had to be an easy solution and indeed there is … nohup taskname & … does the trick! 🙂 Anyway for more useful info on this… [read from more knowledgable people].


Wanna know what is going on in Brum, sign up for bmail! To sign up for this regular email service go to [bmail] and fill in the form

An evening with the Beckhams anyone??

Ummm, I don’t want to… but look at the final bid, ouch! [ebay, where else!]… yep thats

Is rum a contraceptive?

According to tesco it is! lol. Well maybe not, but if you look at [the register] you might see what I mean. It looks as if it is a bad search engine that sees DUREX in the description of the tesco brand dark rum