Mohair Gig

Last night was a musical one. Which by the title of this post should be obvious… We went to see [Mohair]. I had problems with the tickets earlier in the day, the hadn’t turned up in the post, so I was releaved to see that ticketweb had organised an extra set at the venue. The next issue was that the support had pulled out, which wasn’t the biggest of issues for us cause we just went and sat in the local weatherspoons with cheap drinks for a bit. Anyway we went back to the venue to find hardly anyone there, which was a little odd since we have seen Mohair there before and there were lots of people. It did mean that it was a sort of cosy atmosphere and they still played a kick ass set. Lots of fun. Mohair are great fun to see live, they really do give off lots of energy and you really wanna dance when they are playing. At times I was tempted to get a bit of proper swinging going with Lizzie… but I don’t think she would have liked me flinging her around the room. The gig was great playing out lots of songs I know and love but some I don’t know, so since they now have an album out…. I just brought it (on I’m well looking forward to listening to it. After the gig we went over to try and get some badges (they were free) and so were the stickers. We even got to chat to the keyboardist, if that describes someone on a Hammond Organ(!?). Anyway it was lots of fun, if you can see them, download their samples….


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