Fall Out Boy Gig

On Tuesday I travelled to sunny Wolverhampton to go to the Civic Hall to see Fall Out Boy. This was my first trip to the Civic and my first time on the Birmingham to Wolverhampton Metro (which wasn’t bad…). Anyway the gig was great, we missed the first support band but the second was the Academy Is… and I really wanted to see them anyway! I wasn’t going till the last minute so I hadn’t checked out the support so was pretty pleased to see that they were on the lineup as well.

The Academy Is where pretty good but I do find them the sort of band that though I like I get a bit brassed off after a while as they are pretty samey. Its not always a bad thing and the main songs I like are pretty different. It is just a shame they didn’t mix them around a bit, they did after a few songs sound a bit “more of the same”. Well they were good and really got the crowd going, which you can’t ask more of a support band. I was still really pleased to see them.


Fall Out Boy came out with a band and Lizzie showed her appreciation by screaming much louder than you would have though was physically possible for her size! 🙂 (yes, I think thats a compliment hun!). They played a solid set though there was a bit too much talking for my liking, I like the band engaging the crowd but I feel they did it a bit too much. Saying that though, I really enjoyed them and I feel they were only talking so much to hype up which song they were playing, it was sort of like an extended introduction. There was one problem, about 3/4 the way through the set all sound went!! Like pro’s they continued on to the end of the song, I guess it is pretty feasible that they hadn’t entirely noticed as there screens were definetly working. Anyway about 10 minutes down the line they had fix it and played 4 songs instead of doing an encore.


Pretty cool. I have to say it felt odd not being at the Brum academy for a big gig! For more info take a look at: [Fall Out Boy’s Website]

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