Soundstation Festival

Festival, Birmingham City Centre? Grass? If that shocks you then well it shouldn’t. Birmingham is pretty green and last Sunday saw the first festival at Eastside park, outside the now defunct Curzon Street Station which is opposite Millennium Point. It was lots of fun and although I didn’t stay to the end I got to see some quality bands.


I only stayed up to Boy Kill Boy but most of the bands up to that where pretty entertaining with the Crimea (like always) standing out miles about the rest. They played a great set, lots of fun. It was a bit of an odd start for them with their lead singer in the crowd:


… but that was good! 🙂 They always play a great set and have to be one of my favourite bands to see live, they really put lots of energy into it. If you haven’t heard of them… go and download something(!), “White Russian Galaxy” is a good starting point.

The whole thing was really well done, well done to the organisers, do it again!! I will be there!


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