Testing out new camera

I took loads and I mean loads of pictures and movies on my new camera yesterday, was lots of fun. I am particular pleased with a couple and though I would share a few with you, I will be sharing many more in the future but not just yet. Whilst walking around I was taking lots and lots of photos and I think Lizzie was starting to get annoyed that most of them where of her so I decided to start taking them of the wonderful buildings around us. The first I really liked was of the cube’s in the bullring, well a cube, with the Selfridges building behind it, it really did capture the essence of the water (well that’s what I am saying!):

The other image I took was of the big flower football outside the entrance to the Bullrign complex. I think (I’m pretty sure) the Ball is their to advertise the T-mobile fan park (I keep meaning to go, probably won’t now!) down at Millennium point… lots of football going on down there, with the largest events outside of Germany, so the advertising says. Anyway the actual ball is pretty and quite artistic… so take a look below:


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