Bye Bye Tooth :-(

Ok, don’t read if you don’t wanna see some quite manky pictures of my tooth….

Anyway, yesterday I had my first tooth EVER removed, well their was the baby ones but they came out on their own (or by me pulling, lol!). I was a little nervous if I am honest. The only dental treatment I have ever had to have done was a scale and polish, oh and a bit of plastic being put into a tooth as a child… this nervousness meant I dragged Lizzie along, lol! 🙂 Yes I am a big boy! Heck I didn’t want to walk down the street dribbling everywhere! Luckily I didn’t but who knows. Well the tooth pulling took a while since it was the one in front of my wisdom tooth, which it had been pushing against this one for years since it came in at a 45 degree angle to the plane of the teeth. This made it harder to get out and actually cause the cavity, food at some point must have gotten caught and my dentist suggested that it was really just a matter of time before this happened, well better than having the wisdom tooth removed! So then, time to see some pics? Here is the cavity:


look at that cavity, the dentist suggests I should have been in considerable pain.. but I wasn’t maybe the wisdom tooth that was pushing into it killed it?
For size, next to a penny… l
ook at the size of the cavity! I was in no pain and I generally have good teeth!

Well I’m aching now and generally relaxing, its not so bad… but I think I am allowed to be in a bit of pain.

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