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Top of the Pops goes

Well bye bye to Top of the Pops and as the last number one came on I remembered why I don’t ever watch it. It is full of teeny crap, not music I would normally ever considered listening to. Over the last few years I think I have turned into it on 3 occasions. I think one was for Maximo Park (I’m not convinced about that but…), the other was to see the Crimea (a wicked band… who I have ranted on about before I am sure..) and of course to see that very special and long Greenday perfomance of Jesus of Suburbia (that was special!). Last night 4 million people watched it ([so the BBC says]).

Listen to: Three Days Grace…

I recently came across Three Days Grace and they are a damn good rock band, sort of remind me a bit of Alkaline Trio, but not hugely.. maybe more like 30 seconds from mars, eitherway they are good to listen to and aren’t overly “shouty” something that can just annoy me. Any take a look at their website, with online music, []

Microsoft to charge for Office betas

Microsoft is to start charging $1.50 for beta versions of Office 2007. From 2 August anyone wanting to download the software will have to pay the small fee. So if you want it free, do it now! 🙂 I would probably recommend going for the free Open Office but heck if it is free doesn’t hurt to give it a go… get it [here]

A leaf from another continent

Well I couldn’t bring back flowers for my Lizzie so I grabed a leaf at a sugar shak (where they make maple syrup… yummy) whilst I was in Canada.. oh and here it is (yay, my first post of pics from Canada!):


WordPod – put books on your iPod

I am going on a long trip to India and don’t really want to carry a bunch of books, and heck I can get them free from [Project Gutenberg] so I though I would use my iPod’s notes feature… it would actually be quite annoying to do this but there is a nice tool already designed to do the job [WordPod].. works well (is free!) and allows me to do just what I want, read! 🙂

If this is not a reason to move over to Firefox then I can’t think of one… []

I’m a computer character

When a computer character realises he is just that….

created by: []

Sonic does a Zidane…

Ok this is a small (and I dont know who created it so I can’t give credit) but a very funny little annimation of how Zidane should have done it.. and look at the Italian turn into a cute animal:


C is for cookie

V is for vendetta, so logically C is for cookie. Take a look at this cool vid, better if you have seen V is for Vendetta….

Mac vs. PC videos…

After the mac put out a bunch of cool vids advertising their product there have been a bunch of home made versions appear (by a number I mean a lot). Anyway on youtube you will find loads. Here are a couple I really like… the original mac one [pc virus] and there is always the one that includes linux [but we aren’t all geeks]. Oh, and sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words – [microsofts response]