Police spoof magazine…

How to stop people getting wrecklessly drunk? Sounds like some sort of moral education lesson that you have at school (I think they used to call it PSME when I was at school). Eitherway it was boring and the whole point was to scare you into thinking something, which was done by the masses in some cases, was wrong and we shouldn’t fall into that trap. Having a drink, and getting drunk occasionally isn’t gonna kill you now is it? Well I guess it could, but if you are somewhat sensible and have decent mates it shouldn’t. Anyway the police have come up with what could possible be the most effective way of giving people a shock. Tell them what happens, in a bit more of a real context. It is true people do fall over in a heap when they are drunk… some more often than other. In this spoof magazine they tell people to be “wearing nice pants” so when they fall over it is acceptable or something like that. Anyway I think the idea of being brutal in a joking context might work, well… ummm. Take a look at the [the guardian] for a much longer article on this and the appropriate links…. eitherway good on the police for showing ingenuity.

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