Hello from Toronto!

Hello to you all from Canada(!), thats right the smell might have finally gone away now that I am a couple of thousand miles away!

Toronto seems like a really nice city, though it does feel much more american than I would have expected.. heck its damn close.

It’s hot, damn hot. Between 41 – 48 centigrade here, supposidely. It does feel like it. It feels like my blood is going to boil, thank god for the underground air conditioned city!

We went on a nice air conditioned bus tour of the city and this had some great highlights, and we walked back to the city hall just… but it is too hot to be walking around outside too much.

Anyway I think my dad is probably being bored with me being a geek and writing messages whilst on holiday…. and its probably time we had a pint! We are off to diner at the CN tower tonight (which is the tallest structure in the world, the Petronas towers being the tallest building). Lots of fun…

tomorrow I should cool down with the masses of water at Niagra… woo hoo…

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