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Jantar Mantars replica at IUCAA

Whilst I was in India I got to take a look at a scaled-down replica of the 18th century Jantar mantar in Jaipur ([]) which was pretty cool. Jai Singh, one of the kings in western India, built seven of these! Here is the replica:



8th – 10th September… in Brum… looks like there might be soem good entertainment. Take a look at: []

Reading 2006: Day 4

Day 4 and the final day of music again comes …. shame that as I am finally feeling a bit better but alas not much can be done about this as I don’t own a device that would let me travel in time and heck if I did I can think of better things to do! 🙂 Anyway onto Day 4!


The day for us started with Taking back Sunday who were pretty cool, I do like them and they played all the songs I like. After Taking Back Sunday came Less than Jake who played a great set, though I probably did spend half of it waiting for the loo and then in the loo. 2 out of 4 toilets shut near the stage… argh! Anyway Less than Jake really did get the party atmosphere going for me and really setup the day.


Oh and don’t ask me what my mates were up to hear:


Bullet for my valentine were next and they played a rather indifferent set that I was not to pleased with, quite a shame really – they just replaced singing with shouting. ARGH! After them on came My Chemical Romance who were greeted with loads of bottles, argh… less just say the Slayer fans weren’t the most welcoming (Slayer were on next). Fair play to My Chemical Romance who told the crowd to give them what they had. They played a good set which I really did enjoy. After these were Slayer. After a few tracks I got bored and so we went around the stalls were Lizzie got a new hoody, woohoo! The Sun was setting on the last day so I had to take my customary shot:

After the shopping Boy Kill Boy gave us some great late afternoon music with a great set. This is the second time I had seen them and again they played wonderfully well really getting a rise in the NME tent.


Placebo then provided the fun with a good set which was marred with a few technical difficulties but they still played a great set and we got to see boobs whilst the issues were dealt with (the reading crowd was beemed on to the screens and a few women took of their tops…). Next were Pearl Jam, I’m not that familiar with their music but I as well impressed as they played really well but we left about halfway in to go see Maximo Park (my sixth time of seeing them, ah!) and they really played well getting us all jumping and singing. I have never heard a crowd so loud, some huge cheers wen’t up at the end and the band were obviously taken-a-back. Great fun.


Reading 2006: Day 3

Oh the wonders of a Weatherspoons breakfast… and the use of their toilets! 🙂 Thats what started off the day. I, however, actually felt slightly worse for the trip but at least I have eaten well… if you can call a veggie fry-up well that is! We also had to make good time to get back to the arena as the first band of the day that Lizzie wanted to see, Giant Drag, were on earlish. We did miss a bit of their set, but fourtunately not too much. I was pleased as they were pretty cool to listen to… something to go on my download list… 😉


After Giant Drag was Wolfmother who were pretty cool. I’m not a huge fan but I do like one or two of their songs and I definetly would not have missed them. After Wolfmother we made quick time back to our tent to get the stuff we would have taken into the arena earlier but didn’t have time due to Weatherspoons taking longer than expected. After a quick rest we were back to see the Automatics. WOW! I was really glad we went to see them and they have to be one of my bands of the festival, they were great! And what is that, a monster?!!


We then decided to stay and watch the Fall, they are supposidely legendary. They were crap and so left quite quickly. Feeder followed, another band I just couldn’t wait to see. Shame I had no energy and had to stay near the back but heck I still really enjoyed them, though I’d love to see them in an enclosed environment such as the Brum academy, would be much better.


A quick trip to see a band on the Carling Stage, who I don’t know who was (my page fell out my little stage guide…argh!) but they weren’t bad, useful I know. Oh and it was raining quite badly at the time so this was to be considered! 🙂


Lizzie then got the stage times wrong, yes hun I am blaming you – lol, causing us to see a bit too much of the Streets. Though we did get to the world’s largest “GO LOW”… WTF! The music improved by loads when on came the Arctic Monkeys who played a good set but really still don’t have the commandment of a stage that a headliner should. Then finally it was time for the band I have been wanting to see for years and been awaiting this moment for ages. It was time for MUSE!! Woo hoo! I was well prepared:


They were absolutely great! They have to be my favourite band and they played a mix of new and old stuff which I was really pleased about. I do like their new album but I have been wanting to hear them play Origin of Symmetry for a while. They didn’t disapoint. A nice continouous set where they didn’t mess about and just got down to the music.


A finish with the guitar raised put an end to a brilliant set…quite ghostly really


Reading 2006: Day 2

Day 2, it started off sunny… but was this to last, well it did long enough for me and Lizzie to enjoy it and get a bit of a tan..


This good weather lasted throughout the afternoon.. we got to see the unimpressive Dashboard Confessional. The wicked Panic! at the disco, who played on eventhough their front man got hit in the face with a bottle (of water I hope).. stupid crowd, I would have been rather dissapointed if they had stopped. The subways were next on and they played a great set but by the time Fall Out Boy came on the heat (plus my cold) had really taken the best of me so after we listened to their great set we headed back to the tent for a bit of a rest.


The Kaiser Chiefs played a good set, was a bit bland and not the same as in a small arena.. I do also think they spent rather too long playing around with their rather simple lights


The highlight had to be Franz Ferdinands wicked set that gave me some energy, enough to even dance!! Great set…. and I was off to bed nice and early. Old man alert, that and being rather tired and flu riddled.


Reading 2006: Day 1

Oh the fun of travelling! This year was a bit different. We normally get the train down at a stupid time in the morning and then have the fun of the hike from Reading Station to and then across the camp site. It’s not too bad but this year we had the ‘luck’ (I would have rathered not got these types of tickets) of getting coach tickets down there (the others had sold out so we had to get these). Anyway it wasn’t too bad. We got dropped off at the rivermead centre around 1pm. This was perfect as our mates had already setup camp (they drove down) and we just dropped our tent in next to theirs. Was pretty easy actually. I might have to do the same again (… the return journey was not so smooth though).

The cold I had just developed had really taken hold of me by now so after a slow walk into reading I was feeling awful. Anyway a weatherspoons stop for some food and a sainsbury’s trip we were heading back. I just needed to crash as I was feeling awful. This continued all festival but heck I still had fun…


And yes we had to get out the glow sticks!

A camp fire was greated and some glowing effects started appearing…

Reading 2006

My, now annual, trip to the Reading Festival was not as good as it should have been. I was ill, something which I was hoping would not happen. It was hard just to muster up the energy to even walk at times. Well it was a bit more relaxed on my part, I was sat down for most of the time and did look older than I should! lol. Anyway I am going to post some pics soon, if I am not being too lazy. Who did I see?

Dashboard Confessional, Panic! at the disco, The Subways, Fall Out Boy, Kaiser Chiefs, Franz Ferdinand
Saturday: Giant Drag, Wolfmother, The Automatic, The Fall, Feeder, The Streets, Arctic Monkeys, MUSE(!)
Sunday: Taking back Sunday, Less than jake (does in the toilet count?), Bullet for my valentine, Slayer, My Chemical Romance, Boy Kill Boy, Placebo, Pearl Jam, Maximo Park…

I pity the flight

Probably a bit of bad taste here, but still pretty funny:


Ultimate Boot CD

Ever need a boot cd with loads of handy utils to get your system back up and running? Well I recently cause myself to have a rather large MBR (master boot record) problem with my hard disk whilst installing, failing to at the time, ubuntu over fedora. I now have it fixed by using the tools on the Ultimate Boot CD. I actually found that I couldnt repair grub at all and fdisk wouldnt allow me to remove the mbr, but a couple of the tools on this did. So yay… now I have ubuntu 🙂 Oh the ultimate boot cd is available for free: [here]