Alcohol 5th most dangerous drug?

Now that sounds funny doesn’t it? But according to a bunch of scientists, who I bet all like a drink but would never take ectasy, that is the case. If you think about what actually happens to you when you drink lots then you can sort of understand why it is so high, but I am sure it does matter how much you have at any time. If you had a low alcohol drink then how does this relate to the other contenders in the top 10? Does one glass equal one tablet of ectasy? or one mushroom? The news story I saw and now what I read (on the []) neither actually stated the exact quantities required. Does make me wonder. It even seems that they are really include the consequences of drinking lots as a factor.. i.e. if you are really drunk you might get into a fight. I guess this is a reasonble thing to include but I bet you need to take a much larger dosage of alcohol than you do of other drugs to get into this stupid stupid situation.

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