Trying linux, another method…

Still want to give linux a go? Fancy trying it from within Windows? Well DSL (Damn Small Linux) might have the answer. The whole point in Damn Small Linux is to get a bootable (with useful apps) version of linux as small as possilbe and infact it is damn small. For 50mb you can once again have an operating system. Another great thing is that you can boot this version of linux from within your windows installation. I wouldnt say you will get the best installation or linux experience from doing this, but it does give you a damn good start. Also for someone like me, this is great. When I use windows, linux is no more than a click on the desktop (or in my case a double click and my screen changes to my linux desktop, but thats a different story! 🙂 ).
Anyway more info on Damn Small Linux – []
And this is the file you want to download: [LINK]

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