Hello from damp India!

Yep, I’m in India… Pune in particular (at the National Centre for Radio Astrophysics). It’s okay here, rather wet but still quite nice. I have to say I had the most crazy of journeys here. If you think people driving around in London is bad then you should take a look at the Indian roads…arrr!! It wasn’t so bad but still there were a few moments when I was only an inch away from a big truck! Oh and we definetly had the proper welcome to India when we saw an elephant on the road, shame I didn’t have chance to get my digital camera out.

So why am I in India? Well we are going to use the GMRT (which is a big array of radio telescopes, one of the best in the world) to try and detect the radio emission of a planet around another star! This would be the first detection in a direct manner of an extrasolar planet, which would be cool… sorry I mean very benefical to scientific thought, nah I prefer cool. 🙂

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