Now at the Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope

My fun in India continued with me moving on to the Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope near Khodad today. It was an early morning (6am) and will be a very late night since my observation starts at 1am tomorrow (it is currently 10:16pm). Lets just say I am going to be rather tired.

The journey up from Pune was pretty smooth not many problems only near the end did it become rather, and by that I mean very, bumpy. That was fine. I slept for a while once we got here and then did some work. Currently we just finished planning our observing schedule, we even managed to fit in another interesting taget that we are hoping to get something from.. well if we don’t we don’t – it was a decision between trying something or basically not looking at anything new (our main target will have drfited beyond the horizon at that point and we won’t be able to see it). Anyway my life as an astronomer continues, which I am not moaning about… but some decent sleep would be welcome about now.

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