Dinner at the chateau

Well I just got back to the GMRT (to do more work, I really need to start processing this stuff) after an eventful evening. We went out for dinner, but that involved going 10km! It was worth it, we went to a nice Indian chateau, they had some nice one.. one though was awful it was spicy but it just tasted as if they had used grapes that were about to go off to make the wine. The food though, was delightful, nice spicey and wonderful. I have to say I can tell something changed in me over the last year or so and thats my attitude towards food. I will now try anything (it has to be veggie of course) and though at times I am tentative I am normally quite suprised and heck sometimes you just need to eat, its that simple. Before I came here I never once thought oh no what am I going to eat! 🙂

Something else that is worth thinking about whilst here, which I really like, they have a Veg menu and a non-Veg menu. I have even noticed signs saying.. “and non-veg food”. Thats cool. 🙂

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