To the end of an Indian adventure

Well I guess adventure would be the wrong word to use, I mean I have spent most of my time staring at a computer screen trying to understand what exactly I am doing.. and mostly why?!! The last week in learning how to go about radio data analysis has been like I felt when I first learnt how to do optical spectroscopy.. I’m sure I will learn it all, cause in the end on the optical part I wrote a manual (if you are interested: Image Reduction Manual).

The last week has been pretty eyeopening. I have seen wonderous things, looking at the whole radio array at the GMRT (thats some 30 radio dishes) all looking at the target I told it to go to. I have also seen the absolutely poverty that some people live in here but one thing I noticed is that these people seem happy and isn’t that the true aim in life? There is a big different between people working and living at the NCRA to those in the villages outside of the big cities, as you would have expected. I have also, probably for the first time in my life, just eaten food and not worried. I know it is veggie and I know I will, ok some cases omitted, like it. I haven’t been able to indentify all the veg that I have eaten but the food has been delicious. I have to keep eating so healthy, I feel like I have already started to lose weight.. and not through not eating correctly (yes mom I have been eating fine!).

Anyway this afternoon I head to the airport with an early morning (late evening UK) flight back to the UK. I will land at some point in the early morning in Zurich, stay there for too long and then head to the UK.. home for lunch… I hope! Then it will be time to sleep and recover before I get ready to go off to the Reading Festival at the end of the week. Should be fun. Can’t wait to see Muse play live.

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