Mumbai Airport has nice seating…

So then… I’m sitting (well almost lying I guess, nice big seats!) at Mumbai airport awaiting my flight. I have a couple of hours yet, more like 3… I’m going to have an even longer wait at Zurich, actually probably about the same again as I have already been here for 2 hours. I decided to get the car down from NCRA at 4pm… I though I should make sure that I got down to the airport in lots of time (it took Ian 6 hours to get here the other day). I was lucky, no Independance Day the next day unlike him and so it only took me 3 hours or so. It was smooth, well bumpy, sailing into Mumbai, then like every other big cty we hit the traffic and we were doomed.
I’m happy to say I will be back in the UK this time tomorrow, probably quite happily wrapped up in my own bed by this point. I have had a good time in India and done lots of work (the fact that over half my lab book has been filled in the last week or so says it all). I’m looking forward to relaxing and seeing a few people (and one person in particular). I have to recover from this long haul travel as I’m gong to the Reading Festival on Thursday and want to be on top form for that. One thing I am looking forward to, not that I have particularly minded it, will be a meal where rice doesn’t feature… oh the possibilities, pasta, potatoes and of course pizza(!) – looks like that healthy eating will be going out of the window. No, of course not. It will be nice to have a bit more variety though. I do love the food here but I like to sample different things everyday really… though I probably do normally fit into the pasta meal or pizza quite (and probably too) often.
I’m in two minds to do more work now or not.. I’m tired but I did just read two papers and that made time go flying through. Oh and out of interest, the woman from Swiss Air (why do I keep wanting to call it Zurich Air?) told me not to take liquids, toothpastes or any gels through immigration… guess what the immigration person said… oh thats fine. I wonder if I will actually have an issue at the security check point just before I get on the plane…I guess so, so I think I will just remove the bottle of water from the equation and drink it. 🙂
Oh and I finally just beat this blasted computer at chess… woo hoo!
… addon.. I’m now through security… gosh that was a big big farce! Firstly I had to wait about 30 mins in a queue just to get to the front and wait a further 10, I’m sure this is nothing compared to the recent stuff at home but gosh there were only 15 people in front of me. I understand why they sent us through to security control so soon.. I did have my wonderings. After the scan, every part of my bag was checked.. and they even got a nice message of Henry (the teddy bear that Lizzie bought me).. lets just say it took a minute to explain!! ARGH, its a bloody bear! They even took exception to my Malaria tablets (but once they realised what they were and the fact that there was prescription advice on the front of them they put them back in my bag. Luckily I avoided the turn on and off of my laptop, I guess my laptop does acutally look like a laptop!!! Time to just sit back and relax.. and why do I keep finding Indian currency in my pocket, I’m sure I excahnced it all back to Pounds Stirling.

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