The Flight and Zurich Airport

What a farce. When we got on the plan I thought it was odd that not many people where on the plan very quickly, it turns out that they were still all in security. The Mumbai airport staff where overwhelmed since two planes loads worth of people where going through the same check point. Absolutely ridicolous, I can’t help blame some of the passengers, the notice to go through security went up about an 1 hour before… so they definetly had the time to go through. Anyway the plane was an hour late from taking off, not really a huge issue for me as my connection from Zurich to Birmingham isn’t until midday. It has meant some people have missed connections though. I’m also not very happy as i had some inconsiderate wanker sat infront of me, who noticed when he originally tried to move his seat back that my legs were pushing against it, and still did it. I really wanted to argue with him about it and then show him what it is like to have a sleeping idiot apply pressure on his knees. Well I thought better of that, I didnt’t want to cause an incident and once I feel aslep I didn’t think about it. The plane and the crew were quite nice (the one forced him to put his seat up for the breakfast meal and he then kept it up…), I have never been on an A330 before but it was really nice with inseat screens.. not that I used it I did just want to sleep.
Zurich Airport is quite nice.. I paid an over the top ammount for a newspaper but at least I got the news that Liverpool drew with bloody Sheff Utd, argh.. that was worth paying for! Anyway nice seats bit too stylish but I’m going to sit back relax and maybe do some shopping as I have a good 4 hours here.

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