Reading 2006: Day 1

Oh the fun of travelling! This year was a bit different. We normally get the train down at a stupid time in the morning and then have the fun of the hike from Reading Station to and then across the camp site. It’s not too bad but this year we had the ‘luck’ (I would have rathered not got these types of tickets) of getting coach tickets down there (the others had sold out so we had to get these). Anyway it wasn’t too bad. We got dropped off at the rivermead centre around 1pm. This was perfect as our mates had already setup camp (they drove down) and we just dropped our tent in next to theirs. Was pretty easy actually. I might have to do the same again (… the return journey was not so smooth though).

The cold I had just developed had really taken hold of me by now so after a slow walk into reading I was feeling awful. Anyway a weatherspoons stop for some food and a sainsbury’s trip we were heading back. I just needed to crash as I was feeling awful. This continued all festival but heck I still had fun…


And yes we had to get out the glow sticks!

A camp fire was greated and some glowing effects started appearing…

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