Reading 2006: Day 2

Day 2, it started off sunny… but was this to last, well it did long enough for me and Lizzie to enjoy it and get a bit of a tan..


This good weather lasted throughout the afternoon.. we got to see the unimpressive Dashboard Confessional. The wicked Panic! at the disco, who played on eventhough their front man got hit in the face with a bottle (of water I hope).. stupid crowd, I would have been rather dissapointed if they had stopped. The subways were next on and they played a great set but by the time Fall Out Boy came on the heat (plus my cold) had really taken the best of me so after we listened to their great set we headed back to the tent for a bit of a rest.


The Kaiser Chiefs played a good set, was a bit bland and not the same as in a small arena.. I do also think they spent rather too long playing around with their rather simple lights


The highlight had to be Franz Ferdinands wicked set that gave me some energy, enough to even dance!! Great set…. and I was off to bed nice and early. Old man alert, that and being rather tired and flu riddled.


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