Reading 2006: Day 3

Oh the wonders of a Weatherspoons breakfast… and the use of their toilets! 🙂 Thats what started off the day. I, however, actually felt slightly worse for the trip but at least I have eaten well… if you can call a veggie fry-up well that is! We also had to make good time to get back to the arena as the first band of the day that Lizzie wanted to see, Giant Drag, were on earlish. We did miss a bit of their set, but fourtunately not too much. I was pleased as they were pretty cool to listen to… something to go on my download list… 😉


After Giant Drag was Wolfmother who were pretty cool. I’m not a huge fan but I do like one or two of their songs and I definetly would not have missed them. After Wolfmother we made quick time back to our tent to get the stuff we would have taken into the arena earlier but didn’t have time due to Weatherspoons taking longer than expected. After a quick rest we were back to see the Automatics. WOW! I was really glad we went to see them and they have to be one of my bands of the festival, they were great! And what is that, a monster?!!


We then decided to stay and watch the Fall, they are supposidely legendary. They were crap and so left quite quickly. Feeder followed, another band I just couldn’t wait to see. Shame I had no energy and had to stay near the back but heck I still really enjoyed them, though I’d love to see them in an enclosed environment such as the Brum academy, would be much better.


A quick trip to see a band on the Carling Stage, who I don’t know who was (my page fell out my little stage guide…argh!) but they weren’t bad, useful I know. Oh and it was raining quite badly at the time so this was to be considered! 🙂


Lizzie then got the stage times wrong, yes hun I am blaming you – lol, causing us to see a bit too much of the Streets. Though we did get to the world’s largest “GO LOW”… WTF! The music improved by loads when on came the Arctic Monkeys who played a good set but really still don’t have the commandment of a stage that a headliner should. Then finally it was time for the band I have been wanting to see for years and been awaiting this moment for ages. It was time for MUSE!! Woo hoo! I was well prepared:


They were absolutely great! They have to be my favourite band and they played a mix of new and old stuff which I was really pleased about. I do like their new album but I have been wanting to hear them play Origin of Symmetry for a while. They didn’t disapoint. A nice continouous set where they didn’t mess about and just got down to the music.


A finish with the guitar raised put an end to a brilliant set…quite ghostly really


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