Reading 2006: Day 4

Day 4 and the final day of music again comes …. shame that as I am finally feeling a bit better but alas not much can be done about this as I don’t own a device that would let me travel in time and heck if I did I can think of better things to do! 🙂 Anyway onto Day 4!


The day for us started with Taking back Sunday who were pretty cool, I do like them and they played all the songs I like. After Taking Back Sunday came Less than Jake who played a great set, though I probably did spend half of it waiting for the loo and then in the loo. 2 out of 4 toilets shut near the stage… argh! Anyway Less than Jake really did get the party atmosphere going for me and really setup the day.


Oh and don’t ask me what my mates were up to hear:


Bullet for my valentine were next and they played a rather indifferent set that I was not to pleased with, quite a shame really – they just replaced singing with shouting. ARGH! After them on came My Chemical Romance who were greeted with loads of bottles, argh… less just say the Slayer fans weren’t the most welcoming (Slayer were on next). Fair play to My Chemical Romance who told the crowd to give them what they had. They played a good set which I really did enjoy. After these were Slayer. After a few tracks I got bored and so we went around the stalls were Lizzie got a new hoody, woohoo! The Sun was setting on the last day so I had to take my customary shot:

After the shopping Boy Kill Boy gave us some great late afternoon music with a great set. This is the second time I had seen them and again they played wonderfully well really getting a rise in the NME tent.


Placebo then provided the fun with a good set which was marred with a few technical difficulties but they still played a great set and we got to see boobs whilst the issues were dealt with (the reading crowd was beemed on to the screens and a few women took of their tops…). Next were Pearl Jam, I’m not that familiar with their music but I as well impressed as they played really well but we left about halfway in to go see Maximo Park (my sixth time of seeing them, ah!) and they really played well getting us all jumping and singing. I have never heard a crowd so loud, some huge cheers wen’t up at the end and the band were obviously taken-a-back. Great fun.


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