We Are Scientists gig

On Friday I got to see (for the 3rd time) the wicked We are Scientists… they really did get the crowd going, but then again they were going quite a bit even during the more relaxed Au Revoir Simone. Au Revoir Simone kicked off the gig with some wonderful electronic sounds, this has lead me on to buying their ablum off their website, [Au Revoir Simone] and they (well there manager) were really nice about me being half asleep and paying for US shipping and not worldwide (I was half asleep when I ordered) – just letting me get off with it. So big smile to Au Revoir Simone! 🙂

Au Revoir Simone

As for the rest of the gig, I didn’t catch the name of the second band but they weren’t as good as Au Revoir Simone…. then on came the We are Scientists producing a great set and even ending the night as a boy band!

We are Scientists

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